Chitra Purnima

The first Full moon of Vedic new year, in the Chitra month, is called Chitra Poornima or Chitra Pournami. The moon is in Chitra Nakshatra and Sun in Aries. Chitra Poornima also marks the birthday of Lord Chitragupta, the divine accountant in the Yamaloka. It is an auspicious day to clear the karmic slate and begin anew.

Chitra Purnima Date 2023

Fri , 5th May 2023

Legend of Chitra Poornima

Lord Chitragupta is the "bookkeeper" of karmic records of every being on the earth plane. He is the God of Justice. Lord Brahma created him through Kamadenu. He is considered as the younger brother and an assistant of Yama, the God of Death. Lord Brahma created Him after 11000 years of meditation; Lord Chitragupta is depicted as a King, with two arms holding an ink pot and pen, records-palm leaf notes. He was assigned as the Chief of Yamaloka. He was the first one to create script for the Vedas and languages. Chitragupta records deeds of all life forms, both good and bad and to administer justice, virtues. These records are called Akashic records. This micromanaging is aimed at aligning life forms with the cosmic truth of inclusiveness. 

Greatness of Chitra Poornima

Our Vedic seers and Saints have foreseen every challenge the mankind might face and provided solutions to transcend and evolve. They have understood the cosmic geometry and energies that descend to the earth in certain times. They have designed festivals and rituals for sheer wellness of a being. Chitra Poornima is one such festival or powertime that presents great opportunity to realize and correct our mistakes. Lord Chitragupta who manages akashic records shows mercy, a second chance to correct our mistakes. Every bad deed that was tracked in the record, would need two good deeds to reverse, that's where Lord plays a major role. On Chitra Poornima, He turns generous and help us erase the sins and create new good karmic records.

When we observe this Poornima ritual, we correct our mistakes, replace them by performing good deeds; and Lord Chitragupta guides us through the process. This is one of the reasons that He rules the planet Ketu who is the planet of transcendence. This day deepens self-refection, self-awareness allowing us to. He can also reward literacy and prosperity to the devotees. Another important aspect of this Poornima is that it helps us realize our mistakes and seek forgiveness for past karma. This is the first step towards easing the karmic baggage and achieving a pleasant life on earth.

Matsyapurana and Garuda Purana lauds the role and power of Lord Chitragupta. Anusasan Parva, a chapter from Mahabharata has teachings from the lord himself about virtuous and charitable acts that enables happy life on earth. 


To establish a divine connection with the Lord of the Chitra Purnima, practice the art of meditation. Also, organizing sacred rituals takes us closer to the divinities. When we erase bad karma, we create scope for good karma and to receive new life design. Wake up in the early hours of the day, clean the worship space. Pooja rituals are performed in the evening. Traditionally, people avoid salt on this day. We can worship Lord Chitragupta by offering neivedhyam like Chakkarai (sugar)Pongal and sattvic desserts. We should avoid cow milk and milk products on this day. Though, buffalo milk is allowed, if necessary. Once the pooja rituals are finished, devotees can donate food or other items of their choice in a sieve made of bamboo or plastic. We can break the fast after Chandra Dharshan-seeing the full moon. We can try and spend more time in moonlight. Worshipping Goddesses also remains a major custom as Full moon represents shakthi. On the day of Chitra Purnima, special puja and prayers are organized in the popular Chitragupta temple in Kanchipuram, Chandra Moulishwar temple in Thiruvakkarai and Airavateshwarar temple in Darasuram.


  • Chitra Pournami is an ideal day to seek forgiveness and begin afresh. 
  • This Poornima instills a deep thought to perform good deeds and guides us to the path of Heaven 
  • It can eliminate past life sins and doshas. 
  • This Pournami is highly auspicious for Ketu related afflictions and doshas. Since, Ketu is ruled by Chitragupta this day can combat Ketu related challenges better. 
  • Cleanses negative karma and clears karmic clutter for fresh flow of positive energy. 

Chitra Purnima festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Friday, 19th of April


Thursday, 7th of May


Tuesday, 27th of April


Saturday, 16th of April


Friday, 5th of May


Tuesday, 23rd of April


Monday, 12th of May


Friday, 1st of May


Tuesday, 20th of April


Monday, 8th of May


Saturday, 28th of April

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