Dhumavati Jayanti

Shukla Ashtami Tithi of Jyeshta month is observed as Dhumavati Jayanthi. Dhumavati is the seventh of Dasamahavidyas and Her name means Dhumara- She who is made of dark smoke. She represents strife, unfulfilled desires, and inauspiciousness.

Dhumavati Jayanti 2023

Sun , 28th May 2023

Iconography Of Goddess Dhumavati

Dhumavati is a tantric widow goddess who is an embodiment of Tamasic nature. According to Dhumavati Tantra, She is depicted as an old woman robed in white clothes, angry eyes, an awakened third eye and disgruntled, wrinkled face. Her hair looks disheveled, Her nose is crooked sometimes seen with fang like teeth. She carries a winnowing basket in her left hand and a bowl with fire on her right. Often, she is also seen carrying winnowing basket and Abhaya mudra seated on a chariot surrounded by crows or a banner with crow emblem on it. Some scriptures like Prapancasarasara-samgraha, describe Dhumavati as a goddess with howling voice like jackals, seated on a huge crow as her Vahana near a cremation ground-Smashana.


Dhumavati represents an Ancestor or Grandmother Spirit that symbolises great spirit guide and teacher. She has the power to grant ultimate truth behind cycles of life and death. She is often referred as ‘Arikshyaykar’ the one who slays external and the internal enemies. Her energies enable transcending negative emotions like loneliness, disappointment, humiliation, frustration, and defeat. Dhumavati in her widowhood denotes voluntary state of renunciation or sanyasa.

Dhumavati was manifested during the cosmic dissolution- Pralaya period. She is the primordial darkness and dark matter of the cosmos that form the basis of maya. She represents the darkness before creation and after dissolution, a state of nothingness. This state of void is sheer consciousness, the point where mind and body ceases/stops. In the yogic world she is assorted with the heart and Ajna chakra of the body.


On the day of Dhumavati Jayanti, Devi devotees wake up before sunrise, preferably during the Brahma Muhurtha. They tend to devote the whole day to worship and offer special prayers to Goddess Dhumavati. The actual puja rituals and offerings must be performed in an isolated place, far away from living spaces since Her energy is too powerful to handle in regular spaces. Goddess is worshipped with Kumkum, incense sticks, and pungent flowers. Special ‘Prasad’ or neivedhyam is offered to the Goddess. Creating a special offering with black sesame (till) seeds wrapped in a piece of black cloth to appease Devi on this special day makes all dreams of the devotees come true.


  • Goddess Dhumavati is usually worshipped day Spiritual seekers and tantrics. She encompasses great amounts of occult energy.
  • She is worshipped outside the residential regions due to her powerful destructive energy. 
  • Dhum is the beej mantra of this Goddess. She destroys stubborn black magic energies, foes, and competitors.