Durva Ashtami

Shukla Paksha Ashtami tithi of Bhadrapada masa is celebrated as Durva Ashtami. Durva Ashtami is a unique festival is dedicated to Divine Dhurva Grass, a sacred grass used in every Hindu ritual. Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on this day. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the eastern regions of India and West Bengal. In West Bengal, it is popularly called as ‘Durvashtami Brata’

Durva Ashtami 2023

Fri , 22nd Sep 2023


In Vedic science, Durva Grass holds special religious significance. It symbolizes prosperity and has great cleansing abilities. In every ritual, all the cleansing processes are initiated through Durva Grass. It is also used to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the water and holy materials during the eclipse. Dhurva Grass also represents purity and devotion. According to the legend it is believed Dhurva grass dropped from heaven; it is also said that when a few of Lord Vishnu’s eyelashes fell and became the Durva Grass on earth plane. A person who worships Durva Grass on this Ashtami gains blessings from Lord Vishnu. Lord Ganesha is also associated with Dhurva grass. The importance of this holy grass is narrated to King Yudhisthira by Lord Krishna himself.


Devotees wake up in the early hours, take holy bath, begin the process of mental purification by chanting and meditating on Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu Mantras. It is suggested that fasting from grains will yield good benefits on this day. They install idols of Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesh in the centre of the Pooja altar, perform abhishekam, offer fruits, fragrant flowers, Holy Tulsi leaves, dhoop and incense, chant Ganesha Beej mantra, Vishnu Sahasranama and “Om Namo Narayana” Mantra. Durva Grass is offered to the Idols on this day as a specialty. People visit temples in the evening for group prayers and pooja rituals at the temple. This day highly auspicious to create a stronger bond with Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesha.


  • Observing Durva Ashtami with sheer devotion fulfills all our inner desires.
  • It is also believed that a person who consumes only raw or sattvic food on Durva Ashtami is liberated from all their sins.
  • Lord Krishna has stated that He will shower all his blessings on one who religiously observes Durva Ashtami puja for 30 years continuously. 
  • This Durva Ashtami vrat also brings abundance, prosperity, and spiritual wealth in life.
  • Women perform this vrat with dedication for the knowledge, longevity and good health of their progeny. 
  • Lord Ganesha also helps to bring peace and harmony in marital life.

Durva Ashtami festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Friday, 6th of September


Tuesday, 25th of August


Monday, 13th of September


Saturday, 3rd of September


Friday, 22nd of September


Wednesday, 11th of September


Sunday, 31st of August


Friday, 18th of September


Tuesday, 7th of September


Sunday, 27th of August


Friday, 14th of September