Eid Al Ghadeer

Eid Al-Ghadeer or Eid Al-Ghadir is a festival observed by Shia sect Muslims all over the world. This festival is a foundational event in Shia Islam. It marks the day when the Islamic prophet Muhammad announced and appointed Ali ibn Abi Talib as his successor and gets the name from the place the announcement was made. It is said that Muhammad delivered a well-known sermon at a place called ‘Ghadir Khumm – the pond of Khumm’ during which He declared that His son- in-law/cousin as the successor soon after which the final verse of the Quran was revealed, perfecting the religion of Islam.

Eid Al Ghadeer 2023

Fri , 7th Jul 2023

Muhammed addressed his followers on 18 day of month - Dhu'l-Hijjah 10 AH (March 632 CE) while returning from his last pilgrimage to Holy Mecca and Medina at an ‘Ghadir Khumm’. It is believed that there were about seventy thousand followers present during this announcement at this place.

Shia Muslims all around the world commemorate this day with various traditions. Typically, presents are shared with friends and family. People feast on celebratory meals and some people observe fast on this day, recite a special prayer praising Allah and paying their gratitude for the infallible imams.

Eid Al Ghadeer festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 20th of August


Saturday, 8th of August


Thursday, 29th of July


Monday, 18th of July


Friday, 7th of July


Tuesday, 25th of June


Sunday, 15th of June


Thursday, 4th of June


Tuesday, 25th of May


Saturday, 13th of May


Wednesday, 2nd of May

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