Goga Navami

Goga Navami or Guga Naumi is celebrated on Krishna Paksha Navami tithi of Bhadrapada month -Shravana in common hindu panchang. This festival is dedicated to Lord Guga – a folklore Snake God. Goga Navami is a famous celebration in the northern parts of India, primarily in the regions of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab and Rajasthan. On Goga Navami, grand fairs and festivities are organised with immense fanfare and enthusiasm; these festival celebrations last for about three full days.

Goga Navami 2023

Sun , 29th Jan 2023


Gogaji, also called as ‘Jahar Veer Gogga’ is a popular folk deity and Goga Navami is celebrated in honour of this local deity Gogaji. According to folklore, Guga was a powerful Rajput prince who was born as a blessing to the king and queen. Guga displayed great spiritual knowledge and possessed supernatural power to hypnotise venomous snakes. Various stories and incidents from Guga’s life story showcase that he was possessed incredible power of healing snake bites and other poisonous insects. Due to his supernatural power, he was worshipped as a local deity. Worshipping Goga is believed to protect people from snakes and other evils. There is also a popular belief that Lord Guga protects children from all harmful snakes and insects. He is depicted as a powerful prince riding a horse, holding a sword and a spear with yellow and blue flags.


On Goga Navami, devotees wake up early, take a holy bath and prepare for the pooja. After sanctification of the pooja altar, devotees set up the idol of ‘Gugaji’. Families gather together and listen to Gogaji katha, perform pooja and Aarti. After the pooja ceremonies, steamed rice, roti, and dessert are distributed as neivedhya prasad among the family and devotees. In some regions, worshipping Lord Goga and associated rituals begin from ‘Shravana Poornima’ and continue for nine days culminating on Navami tithi.

Various poojas and processions are also organised in Lord Guga Mari temples on this day. Devotees also tie Rakhi or Raksha sutra to Lord Goga for blessings and as an assurance to protect from any snakebite. Many festivals fairs are held on the eve of Goga Navami; of all the fairs, Guga Navami Mela in the district of Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh state is the most popular event that attracts huge crowd. Devotees also visit the famous temple of Lord Gogaji is located in Gogamedi of Nohar tehsil of Hanumandarh district, Rajasthan.


  • Lord Goga worship ensures safety against snake bites and other poisonous insects. 
  • This lord bestows special blessings to safeguard children from venomous insects, hence women perform exclusive pooja to Lord Goga and pray for the well-being of their children. 
  • People suffering challenges with progeny also pray to Lord Gogo on this day to be blessed with children. 

Goga Navami festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Sunday, 25th of August


Thursday, 13th of August


Tuesday, 31st of August


Saturday, 20th of August


Friday, 8th of September


Tuesday, 27th of August


Sunday, 17th of August


Saturday, 5th of September


Thursday, 26th of August


Monday, 14th of August


Sunday, 2nd of September

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