Gopadma Vrata End

Gopadma Vrata is dedicated to the worship of cows / Gaumata and is observed during the Chaturmas. Chaturmas means the four holy months that commences on Devshayani Ekadashi in Ashadha month and ends on Utthana Ekadasi in Karthika masa. Hinduism. This vrata is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Gaumata and is highly revered in Adithya Purana. A unique rangoli (picture drawn using rice flour) called Gow-Padma Rangoli is drawn in pooja altar, cow sheds and near Tulsi mada.

Gopadma Vrata End 2023

Thu , 23rd Nov 2023


Gopadma Vrat begins on Devshayani Ekadasi in Ashadha Month and ends on Utthana Ekadasi in Kartik Month. this is a popular festival in Vaishnavites especially Madhwa community. This vrata was offered by Lord Krishna to His sister Subhadra devi. Subhadra Devi had missed to draw rangoli at her palace for many days together, this angered the Gods as Rangoli is considered as a welcome sign for Gods to walk into a home. Subhadra realised her mistake and rushed to Lord Krishna to escape from the punishment of Gods. Lord Krishna suggested this Gopadma vrata to His sister to please the Gods. Subhadra sincerely followed this vrat for five full years to gain the mercy of the celestial Gods.

Gopadma Rangavalli

The special rangoli has the eagle, the lotus feet of Vishnu, Shankha-conch, Chakra-disc, gadha- mace, lotus, swastika, brindavana, flute, drum, cow along with calf and thirty-three (representing the thirty-three crore celestial Gods) lotus symbols, Rama's cradle, Sita's saree pallu, tulasi leaf, elephants, and guards. This must be drawn on Ekadashi tithi or Dwadashi tithis in pooja altar, cowsheds and her Tulsi plant. The rangoli denotes the Lord, His celestial army, and His victories.


On this day of Uttana Ekadashi, Cow is worshipped, and Go Mata puja is performed. This puja yields great benefits on devotees who worship Gaumata on this vrata culmination day. Cattle sheds are thoroughly cleaned and decorated with Rangoli. Cows are given a bath and decorated colorfully. After cleaning the cattle, aarti is performed to the cattle and are given Prasad. Vishnu puja or Krishna puja is performed along with Go puja. Devotees observe a fast on this day following the Ekadashi fast.


  • This is a Vrata observed by women of the family aimed at establishing harmony, prosperity, and good health. 
  • This is vrata not only ensures the health of the new family of the newly wed woman, but it also extends its glory to the woman’s own family, especially male siblings of the family.

Gopashtami festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Monday, 4th of November


Sunday, 22nd of November


Thursday, 11th of November


Tuesday, 1st of November


Monday, 20th of November


Saturday, 9th of November


Thursday, 30th of October


Tuesday, 17th of November


Saturday, 6th of November


Wednesday, 25th of October


Tuesday, 13th of November

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