Gopadma Vrata Start

Gopadma Vrata is observed by Sumangalis for 4 months from the onset of Chaaturmas. The four holy months are -Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwin, Karthik. It is an important festival in Madhwa sect of Vaishnavism. Especially newly married women adhere to this vrata in the first 5 years of marriage. This vrata is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Gaumata and is highly revered in Adithya Purana. A unique rangoli (picture drawn using rice flour) called Gow-Padma Rangoli is drawn in pooja altar, cow sheds and near Tulsi mada.

Gopadma Vrata Start 2023

Thu , 29th Jun 2023


This vrata was offered by Lord Krishna to His sister Subhadra devi. Subhadra Devi had missed to draw rangoli at her palace for many days together, this angered the Gods as Rangoli is considered as a welcome sign for Gods to walk into a home. Subhadra realised her mistake and rushed to Lord Krishna to escape from the punishment of Gods. Lord Krishna suggested this Gopadma vrata to His sister to please the Gods. Subhadra sincerely followed this vrat for five full years to gain the mercy of the celestial Gods.

Gopadma Rangavalli 

The special rangoli has the eagle, the lotus feet of Vishnu, Shankha-conch, Chakra-disc, gadha- mace, lotus, swastika, brindavana, flute, drum, cow along with calf and thirty-three (representing the thirty-three crore celestial Gods) lotus symbols, Rama's cradle, Sita's saree pallu, tulasi leaf, elephants, and guards. This must be drawn on Ekadashi tithi or Dwadashi tithis in pooja altar, cowsheds, and her Tulsi plant. The rangoli denotes the Lord, His celestial army, and His victories.


Women of the family wake up early around the brahma muhurtha time- 4.30-6.00 AM, after physical purification and mental purification by chanting mantras or japa. Clean the worship altar, set up and decorate the pooja altar with rangoli. According to the vrata custom, a newly wed woman draws this Rangoli, after pooja and 33 namaskarams; they offer Tamboolam and other sacred things for five consequent years to sumangalis in the order- Tamboola (betel leaf and areca nut, vermillion, and turmeric), bangles in the second year, banana or other fruits in the third year, sugarcane the fourth year and new clothes to a spinster/ unmarried girl in the fifth and last year. A specific Neivedhya is prepared every year, particularly 33 (denoting the total count of 33 crores of celestial beings) units in quantity. After offering to Lord Krishna, this neivedhya is donated to the brother of the woman's family and other people around,

First year-33 payasa or sheera

Second year-33 Adhirasa

Third year-33 muchoore or Elai appam

Fourth year-33 Laddu from grains and seeds like sesame, peanuts

Fifth year-33 holige.

In addition, devotees observing Gopadma vrat avoid sleeping on beds, they sleep on floor.

They must observe Mauna Vrat as much as possible.

Avoiding negative emotions like jealously, anger, greed, and ego.

Must resonate with Lord Vishnu nama with utmost devotion. 


  • This Vrata is observed by women of the family aimed at establishing harmony, prosperity, and good health. 
  • Krishna-Preeti is the ultimatum in this Vrata. 
  • This is vrata not only ensures the health of the new family of the newly wed woman, it also extends its glory to the woman's own family, especially male siblings of the family.

Gopadma Vrata Start festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Friday, 12th of July


Wednesday, 1st of July


Tuesday, 20th of July


Sunday, 10th of July


Thursday, 29th of June


Wednesday, 17th of July


Sunday, 6th of July


Saturday, 25th of July


Wednesday, 14th of July


Sunday, 2nd of July 


Saturday, 21st of July

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