Govatsa Dwadashi

Govatsa Dwadashi is festival that marks the beginning of grand Diwali celebrations. This day is dedicated to Gaumata/Gowmata or Nandini, a divine cow and is celebrated on Krishna paksha Dwadashi tithi before Karthik Amavasya, Diwali. This festival is a popular celebration in the state of Maharashtra as Vasu Baras, in Gujarat as Vagh Baras and as Sripada Vallabha Aradhana Utsav in Andhra Pradesh.

Govatsa Dwadashi Date 2023

Thu , 9th Nov 2023


Govatsa Dwadashi, as the name of the festival indicates this day celebrates the greatness of Cows and Nandini, a celestial cow for their role in puja rituals and providing nourishment to mankind. This is also observed as Nandini Vrat, as both Nandini (cow) and Nandi (bull) are worshipped on this day; both are considered sacred in the culture of Shaivism. This is an auspicious day to perform thanksgiving rituals to cows for their great contribution in sustaining human life and nourishment. Cows and calves are worshiped and fed with wheat products. Significance of Govatsa Dwadashi is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana. It is said King Uttānapāda, son of Svayambhuva Manu and his wife Suniti observed this puja and were blessed with a son named Dhruva who became a powerful sage.


On this auspicious day, the cows and calves are given a bath and decorated with garlands. A special puja is performed to them, vermilion, sandalwood paste and turmeric powder are applied on their foreheads. Their horns are decorated, new bells are tied around their neck. Rich wheat products, gram and Mung bean sprouts are then fed to the cows, representing the descending of celestial cow Nandini on earth, the daughter of divine Kamadhenu who lived in Sage Vasishtha's ashram. Gow puja is also performed in gowshalas at temples on this day. In some villages of Maharashtra, people make cows and calves of clay, decorate them and worship the idols. Devotees also sing devotional folklore songs praising the love of Sri Krishna for his beloved cows and being represented as their benefactor. Women observe Nandini Vrat for the well-being of their children; they refrain from milk, all forms of dairy products and solid food. As cows are synonymous with motherhood and nourishment, observing vrat on this day is believed to protect children and the complete family.


  • It is believed that observing vrat on this day fulfils all forms of materialistic wishes of the devotees.
  • On this day, women observe Nandini Vrat for the happiness and healthy life of their children. 
  • Nandini vrat also bestows lucky progeny for childless couple who worships a cow and a calf together on this day. 
  • People who worship Gaumata on this dwadashi tithi are blessed with eternal joy, health and prosperity. 
  • Nandini, the divine cow, blesses unlimited source of nourishment and care on devotees who fast on this auspicious day. 

Govatsa Dwadashi festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Friday, 25th of October


Thursday, 12th of November


Monday, 1st of November


Friday, 21st of October


Thursday, 9th of November


Monday, 28th of October


Friday, 17th of October


Thursday, 5th of November


Tuesday, 26th of October


Sunday, 15th of October


Saturday, 3rd of November

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