Grain In Beard

9th Chinese Solar term is called ‘Grain in Beard’, or ‘Grain in Ear’ in English and Mang Zhong 芒種 in Chinese. Though it has nothing to do with ears or beard, this Solar phase refers to the third seasonal marker during Summer season. It also is the last seasonal node prior to the Summer Solstice that commonly occurs on June 21, every year. Sun will be at a celestial of 75° on the ecliptic, in the sky. This nodal shift or Grain in Beard phase indicates considerable amount of increase in Yang energy depicted in the Lo’Pan (Chinese Compass). Agriculturally, this term denotes the season when crops ripe and farmers begin their process of harvesting. This solar phase come in mid-summer and is characterized by soaring high temperatures, immense rainfall even floods. Chinese involve in many folk activities rooted in their old traditions.

Grain In Beard 2023

Tue , 6th Jun 2023

During this season, Chinese usually celebrate their popular Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival. It is also called the Double Fifth Festival. Plum rains i.e, continuous rain and cloudy conditions also mark Grain in Beard phase. Coincidentally, Plums also ripen during this very period. Chinese make a ritualistic or traditional offering to their ancestors to ensure good harvest. Still in many Provinces of China, 1st day of Grain in Ear phase people offer coloured breads. These are the chosen sacrificial offering to be blessed with bountiful harvest. There is another common tradition involving boiling of green unripe plums that is believed to contain various medicinal properties to guard from diseases of this season. During this phase, regions around the mid stream and downstream of the Yangtze River enter the heavy rainfall season.

Staple dietary message for this season is to eat less oily, greasy, and strongly spices or favoured food. Vegetables, lentils, and coarse grains are chosen over meat. Fruits with higher water content also remains a classic choice of the season, that includes tomatoes, cucumber, celery, gourds, balsam pears, watermelon, and certain berries. Grain in Ear or Grain in Beard phase is particularly critical for sowing rice grains. There is a popular saying in Guizhou that goes, "If you don't plant rice in Grain in Ear, planting will be in vain."

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