Guru Dwadashi

Guru Dwadashi is observed on the Krishna Paksha Dwadashi tithi of Karthika masa. This celebration is dedicated to Shri Vallabha, an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya and it is believed that He left his mortal coil on this day for his next avatar of Dattatreya. The day is also referred as Vaghbaras or Govatsa Dwadashi. The important ritual of this day is offering puja to cow and calf as they symbolize sanctity and prosperity.

Guru Dwadashi 2023

Fri , 10th Nov 2023


The first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya is said to be Sreepada Shri Vallabha. Shri Vallabha was born in Pithapuram located in East Godavari district of Andhra pradesh. According to the legend, He travelled to Kuravapur (kurugadda) situated near Raichur of Karnataka, on the bank of river Krishna. He performed deep penance there and left his mortal coil on this day to progress towards next powerful avatar of Dattatreya. This day is also called " Ashweeja bahula dwadashi " and is a grand celebration in all the kshetras of Lord Dattatreya.


Devotees gather in the Ashta Theertham of Dattatreya and organize a grand procession carrying images of Shri Vallabha and Lord Dattatreya. Devotees also start Gurucharitra Parayana on Sripada Vallabha Jayanthi and culminate on Guru Dwadashi day. On this day, devotees perform Guru puja and puja for cow and calf along with reciting sacred hymns from Avadhuta Gita, Jivanmuktha Gita, Datta Prabodh and Datta Mahatmya.


Kashaya vastram kara danda dharinam
Kamandalam padma karena shankham
Chakram gadha booshita bhushanadhyam Sripada rajam sharanam prapadye

Meaning: I bow down to Sri Dattatreya who is wearing orange garment and holding a holy stick, a kettle of water, a lotus, a conch, in his hands a discus, a mace as adornments/ornaments, I surrender to you.


People in large numbers offer prayers to Dattatreya and recite some sacred hymns from Avadhuta Gita, Jivanmuktha Gita, Datta Prabodh and Datta Mahatmya, which contain stories of his life and teachings. There are also many Dattatreya temples all over the country, especially in Maharashtra, which people visit and worship. They also sing Bhajans (hymns) in his praise.


  • People who worship Shri Vallabha on this dwadashi tithi are blessed with eternal joy, health, and prosperity. 
  • It is believed that observing vrat and performing puja on this day fulfils all forms of materialistic wishes of the devotees. 

Guru Dwadashi festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Friday, 25th of October


Thursday, 12th of November


Tuesday, 2nd of November


Saturday, 22nd of October


Friday, 10th of November


Tuesday, 29th of October


Saturday, 18th of October


Friday, 6th of November


Tuesday, 26th of October


Sunday, 15th of October


Saturday, 3rd of November