Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year marks the beginning of a new Islamic lunar year. The new year is the First day of Muharram month in the lunar calendar. Islam follows lunar calendar, and a year is of 354 days. New year begins at the first sighting of the crescent moon after the new Moon, so it is celebrated in the evening. The crescent Moon’s visibility is sometimes delayed by weather conditions. The word ‘Hijri’ is derived from the word Hijra meaning migration. Starting point of Islamic calendar or beginning of calendar marks the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD. First of Muharram or Islamic New Year or Awal Muharram or Hijri New Year symbolises two important events in the Islam culture, one is the birth of a new lunar year, and the other is Hijra-the day where the historic journey from Mecca to Medina began. The word Awal translates to ‘beginning’ in English and Muharram is the name of the first month in the Islam calendar. The new year is known as Maal Hijra.

Islamic New Year 2023

Wed , 19th Jul 2023

This day is a public holiday in many Islamic countries. Islamic New Year also represents the beginning of Muslim era, it coincides with the Hijrah, the Prophet Mohammed's journey from Mecca to Medina is said to have occurred on the first of Muharram in 622 CE. Prophet Mohammed moved to a town known as Yathrib which is located 320 km to the north of Mecca. Yathrib was addressed as Medina in the later days, Medina translates to 'the city' or ‘the city Prophet relocated to’.

The traditions of Awal Muharram vary from different Islamic culture groups. They gather and worship together. Attend multiple religious activities, involve in qawwali- spiritual music and spirituals elders hold religious meetings. People recite Quran/Koranic verses and offer special prayers and hold sermons at public halls and mosques. 

Islamic New Year festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Sunday, 1st of September


Thursday, 20th of August


Tuesday, 10th of August


Saturday, 30th of July


Wednesday, 19th of July


Monday, 8th of July


Friday, 27th of June


Wednesday, 17th of June


Sunday, 6th of June


Thursday, 25th of May


Tuesday, 15th of May

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