Jandhyala Purnima

Jandhyala Poornima or Rakhi poornima is a ritual observed on the Poornima of Shravana masa by Telugu & Kananda speaking communities in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. It is also called Yajurveda Nutanasahitha Upakarma. This day marks the celebration of reviving Vedas blessed by Sage Ved Vyas. Jandhyam means the sacred thread worn around on the upper torso by Brahmin communities and it is also known as Yagnopaveetham or Yagnopaveetham in Sanskrit. On this day, old Jandhyam is removed and new Jandhyala is worn, which is why this Poornima is called Jandhyala Poornima. Rituals associated with Jandhyala Poornima highly vary from place to place and from communities based on their Mutt affiliation. Even the mantras for the procedure chanted are different and depends on the Veda they follow. It must be noted that communities that follow Yajur Veda follow this day for changing their holy thread and people who follow Rig Veda perform the ceremony on the day ahead before Shravan Poornima.

Jandhyala Purnima 2023

Thu , 31st Aug 2023

Vedic knowledge is best imbibed if began on this day. Some also perform the ‘Kamo Karshit’ ceremony on the day. A ceremony that is meant to prevent mistakes while chanting or reciting the Vedas and for forgiveness any mistakes are made while chanting the Vedas. This occasion is also considered as an opportunity to commemorate great contributions from various Saint, Sages and Maharishis towards the culture of Santana Dharma and Vedic sciences. 

People who perform Jandhya dharana take a holy bath in rivers or theerthas of sacred temples, sanctify the pooja spaces. Perform sandhyavandanam. Mahasankalpam is recited during the janeyu dharana and Jeerna Yagnopavitham is removed while reciting Jeerna Yagnopaveetha mantra. New Yagnopaveetham is worn after reciting Gayathri Mantra. The old yagnopavitham is placed under a tree in a garden or discarded into a holy river.

Jandhyala Purnima festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Thursday, 15th of August


Monday, 3rd of August


Sunday, 22nd of August


Friday, 12th of August


Thursday, 31st of August


Monday, 19th of August


Saturday, 9th of August


Friday, 28th of August


Tuesday, 17th of August


Saturday, 5th of August


Friday, 24th of August

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