Jwala Thoranam

Jwala Thoranam or Jwala thoranotsavam is a ritual observed on Karthika Poornima in Lord Shiva temples across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and some parts of Karnataka. Fire element or lord Agni is an integral part of Karthika masa festivals. This festival is dedicated to the fire element of Panchabhootas.

Jwala Thoranam 2023

Mon , 27th Nov 2023


When the Devas (celestials) and the Asuras (demons) were churning the Ksheerasagara-milky ocean to extract Amirtha (Ambrosia-Divine Nectar) using the Serpent king Vasuki, as a rope around the mountain Meru, the serpent spewed Venom (Halala-Halakala) unable to bear the pain. Devas rushed to Lord Shiva for help, to clear up the spewed venom. At Shiva’s abode Kailash, Devas pleaded Shiva for help. Lord Shiva drank it to save the world. This is the reason why Shiva’s body or particularly the throat is blue in colour giving rise to the holy name, Neelakanda/Neelakant. This jwala thoranam represents these events on Ksheerasagara.


On the day of Jwala Thoranam, two wooden logs are erected in the temple premises. These logs are decorated and kumkum, turmeric paste is smeared all over the log. Another log is horizontally placed on these two logs; huge mass of dry grass is tied to this horizontal log. This grass mass is lighted after reciting mantras. This grass lights up like one long deepam / lamp. The word jwala Thoranam, translates Jwala- fire and Thoranam- a sacred decorative hanging. Then urchava moorthys – idols of Shiva and Parvathi are taken in procession under this Jwala Thoranam. This procession is called Jwala thoranotsavam. This ritual is a popular celebration in Shrisailam, Mantralayam, Mahanandi, and Gnyana Lingeswara Aalayam at Venkojipalem in Visakhapatnam.


  • Witnessing Jwala Thoranam burns all bad karma and sins 
  • Celestial couple Lord Shiva and Parvathi clear financial crisis and debts 
  • This Jwala from the Utsav holds great power to cleanse our thoughts, mind, and conscience. 

Jwala Thoranam festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 12th of November


Monday, 30th of November


Friday, 19th of November


Tuesday, 8th of November


Monday, 27th of November


Friday, 15th of November


Wednesday, 5th of November


Tuesday, 24th of November


Sunday, 14th of November


Thursday, 2nd of November


Wednesday, 21st of November

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