Kansa Vadh

Kansa Vadh is a celebration of victory of good over evil and is observed on the Shukla Paksha Dashami of Karthik. On this day, Lord Krishna killed Kansa and reinstated King Ugrasena as the King of Mathura. This is a local festival in the regions of Braj, city of Mathura and Dwaraka especially in the Chaturvedi community.

Kansa Vadh Date 2023

Wed , 22nd Nov 2023


The occasion of Kansa Vadh represents both religious and moral values of Hindu mythology. This event of killing Kansa Vadh commemorates the triumph of good over evil. Scriptures state that Kansa was an evil king and had committed numerous Adharma activities during his reign. When people of Mathura prayed to Goddess Durga for help, She promised that Lord Vishnu will appear in a powerful avatar to win over this evil king, Kansa. Goddess Durga also warned the evil king that Kansa was destined to be killed by the 8th son of his sister Devaki. He immediately imprisoned his sister along with her husband Vasudevan and killed all their children until the 8th child, Lord Krishna. On the night of Krishna’s birth, Vasudevan replaced Maharaja Nanda’s daughter with baby Krishna.

When Kansa tried to kill this girl baby, she transformed into a Goddess announcing the final word of warning on his future death by Krishna. King Kansa made several attempts to kill baby Krishna in Vrindavan but landed in vain. After the last attempt of Kansa, Lord Krishna killed him in his own city of Madhura and released his grandfather and parents. This reinstated King Ugrasena as the King of Mathura. Since then, this day is celebrated as ‘Kansa Vadh’ as a symbol of the grand triumph of goodness over evil in the world.


On the eve of Kansa Vadha, the devotees offer sincere prayers to Radharani and Lord Krishna. Radharani is always worshipped along with Lord Krishna. On this day, a big statue of Kansa is created and later burnt to signify Krishna killing him and reinstating good in the world. Numerous charity events and donation drives are organised. Sweets and other delicacies are prepared and distributed as Prasad among devotees.

Around the evening, a large procession is organised thousands of devotees gather and chant the sacred mantra, ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. Also, a popular cultural skit named, ‘Kans Vadh Leela’ is performed re-enacting the scenes from the Padma purana and is enjoyed by the citizens of Mathura city.


  • People undergoing the process of litigations, court cases, disputes can observe this vrat for an ensured success or a win.
  • This vrat also brings abundance, prosperity, and spiritual wealth in life.
  • Enhances inner peace and harmony- a well fed mind is a peaceful mind. 
  • By worshipping Lord Krishna on this auspicious day, we can reap grand wealth benefits.

Kansa Vadh festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Thursday, 7th of November


Tuesday, 24th of November


Saturday, 13th of November


Thursday, 3rd of November


Wednesday, 22nd of November


Monday, 11th of November


Saturday, 1st of November


Friday, 20th of November


Monday, 8th of November


Friday, 27th of October


Thursday, 15th of November