Karka Sankranti

Planet Sun enter Karka- Cancer sun sign on this day. This causes considerable effect on personal and professional life for human beings and natural changes in all living beings on earth. This movement of Surya Bhagawan into Karka (Cancer) is called Karka Sankranti. According to the Vedic calendar, Karka Sankranthi marks first zodiac movement in the Dakshinayana kala or around the end of Uttarayana. 

Karka Sankranti 2023

Sun , 16th Jul 2023

Karka Sankranti is the onset of the monsoon season which indicates the ideal time for agriculture. Since farming remains an important source of income in many countries, this transit holds lot of importance in Vedic calendar. This day marks the southern journey of Surya Bhagwan, the Sun God, also called the Dakshinayana kala. This phase is said to be the time where Gods hibernate. It is a favourable time for ancestor rituals- Pitru tarpanam. Lord Vishnu is celebrated in this month, especially Varaha Avatar. Lord Moon or Chandra Bhagwan is the planetary lord of the Karka rashi.


Everytime the Sun enter a new zodiac, it echoes and enhances the nature of the rashi in that stipulated period. Karka rashi is connected with nurturing, sustainability, and regeneration. This period is highly suitable to work on renewals and rejuvenations. On the day of Karka Sankranthi, after following ancestor rituals, we can offer a donation of our choice. Organise or participate in Mahalakshmi Homas or a simple Ganapathy homa. We can utilize this bountiful energy of the month to be mirrored our life. Worshipping Lord Vishnu along with Lord Chandra is said to bestow great deal of divine energy. This day is not ideal to begin good old habits or reinstate fitness routines or policies and regulations in official business organizations.

Karka Sankranti Phalam

  • This period is good for traders and businessmen particularly online/digital mode of business. Ironically, this phase will also aid thieves and people associated scam to flourish.
  • Commodities would cost high and become only mildly affordable. Prices of many essentials are predicted to shoot up. 
  • This month will bring anxiety and stress. There will be a sense of fear in people’s mind. 
  • Increase in stocks, grain, and other seed storage. There will be conflict among several nations. Chances of famine due to lack of rains or excess floods in certain areas are predicted.

Karka Sankranti festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 16th of July


Thursday, 16th of July


Friday, 16th of July


Saturday, 16th of July


Sunday, 16th of July


Tuesday, 16th of July


Wednesday, 16th of July


Thursday, 16th of July


Friday, 16th of July


Sunday, 16th of July


Monday, 16th of July