Kartik Purnima

The Poornima of Karthik masa is celebrated as Karthika or Karthik Poornima. This poornima is also known as Tripuri Purnima or Tripurari Purnima, dedicated to Goddess Tripuri. This auspicious day is majorly dedicated to Lord Shiva. Karthik Poornima is observed with deep devotion and immense fervor all over India, especially in all southern states of India.

Kartik Purnima Date 2023

Mon , 27th Nov 2023

Bhishma Panchaka fasting that begins on Ekadashi, culminates on Karthik Poornima. Kartik Poornima is a popular festival in North India and some southern states to perform divine marriage rituals called Tulsi Vivah- marriage rituals for Goddess Tulasi and Lord Shaligram- an iconic depiction of Lord Vishnu.


Karthik Pournami or Poornima denotes enormous, overpowering presence. It generates massive positive energy. This day amplifies subtle energies of the planet Moon. It is like setting an external speaker or a sound bar. The music from the source is the same, but all of a sudden, it is clear and louder. Moon has an aesthetic quality. Moon’s presence is so obvious that wherever we look, everything turns radiant and translucent. The energy vibration and the moonlight impart the aesthetic quality of Moon on everything it shines on gaining a new field of aura.

According to Siddhas and Yogis, full moon magnifies our receptivity. Everything in us, our inner nature is magnified on this day. If you are a joyous person, you become highly joyful; if you are peaceful, you become serene on this day. Whatever is your core quality, it overflows. Life energy flows in a whole different way. Energy channels Ida and Pingala are overwhelmed with Moon’s energy. Enhanced receptivity facilitated by Moon makes Pournami ideal for Meditations, new beginnings, wealth rituals.

Astronomically, when the natural satellite Moon moves into a certain position (or degrees) with its Planet Earth, the moon’s gravitational pull gets stronger and forceful. This causes change in water element of the planet i.e high tides in the ocean, heavy thrust in waterfalls and other water bodies. The water everywhere is trying to rise up or spill. Same effect is reflected in our system since 70 percent of a human body is just water element in the form of blood, lymph, and other fluids. Modern science quotes this reason for the enhanced receptivity on Pournami.


Wake up in the Brahma Muhurtha, the time period of 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM. If feasible take a holy dip in a holy river. Worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, offer sincere prayers to the deities. We can observe fast all day beginning from the time of sunrise or be on a juice fast or vegan diet. We can begin new spiritual practices, be part of Bhajans, read scriptures or chant vedic hymns. We can donate for a noble cause. We can offer various sacred things to temple like new vastram- silk cloth to Goddess Lakshmi in the temple, or vermilion, sandalwood. Special Shiva Homas can be performed on this day. This special pooja brings relief from prolonged illnesses, and bestows wealth, health, and overall welfare.


  • Worshipping Lord Shiva is a boon for the riches, He blesses success in all financial endeavours to attain material blessings and spiritual blessings. 
  • This Poornima vrat also ensures smooth, successful functioning in businesses and growing career.
  • Karthik Poornima vrat provides prosperity, great financial freedom to entrepreneurs who are in debts and losses 
  • Lord Vishnu aids successful recovery from financial struggles. 
  • He bestows financial supremacy, security, endurance to the wealth accumulated. Helps to clear loans, debts. 

Kartik Purnima festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 12th of November


Monday, 30th of November


Friday, 19th of November


Tuesday, 8th of November


Monday, 27th of November


Friday, 15th of November


Wednesday, 5th of November


Tuesday, 24th of November


Sunday, 14th of November


Thursday, 2nd of November


Wednesday, 21st of November