Kojagiri Vrat

Kojagiri Poornima vrat is one of the most important full moon vrats in India, especially in Maharashtra, Orissa, and West Bengal. This vrat is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and is observed Full moon day of Ashwina masa. Devotees usually stay awake all night to bask in the moon light called ‘Amrit Barkha’ (nectar rain) during this vrat. The eldest child of the family is honored as a part of this vrat.

Kojagiri Vrat 2023

Sat , 28th Oct 2023


According to a popular folklore legend, it is said that Goddess Lakshmi visits devotee’s homes during the moonlight time and bestows Her blessings on those She finds awake. The Sanskrit word ‘Kojagiri’ means ‘the one who is awake or to be awake’. There is another popular folklore where a Suryavanshi king was in major financial crisis and the kingdom was in famine. A Sage suggested that the King, queen, and all the family must observe Kojagiri Vrat and make a wish to the Goddess Lakshmi who visits Her devotees on this day. They observed Kojagiri fast, worshipped Goddess Lakshmi, and stayed awake the whole night, Goddess Lakshmi blessed them, and the kingdom regained the prosperity.

Cities of Mathura, Vrindavan and ISKCON temples celebrate divine Ras Leela of Krishna on this day as ‘Kaumudi’ celebration, kaumudi means moonlight. Orissa, West Bengal, and eastern Jharkhand celebrates Kumara Poornima and observes vrat for Karthikeya.


Moon is posited close to earth on this day. Saints and sages believe that the moonlight on this Poornima has healing power, also has great influence on mind and soul. Due to the curative properties of the Moon, people observe night vigil. All the rituals of this Kojagiri vrat are created to assimilate the powerful moonlight that descends on the earth plane on this day. Sweets like kheer and kesar milk are prepared and placed under the rays of the moon to collect the energy of the moon. This is distributed later as Prasad during the night. Also, a vessel is filled with boiling milk and the moon is seen on the surface through reflection. Kojagiri vrat is mainly observed by newly wed women.

While fasting devotees consume only liquids like milk and coconut water. People perform Lakshmi homas and special poojas in the evening. People light 108 lamps for the Lakshmi pooja. Cold milk and rice flakes are traditionally consumed on this night. To please goddess Lakshmi the following mantra is chanted during the puja:

Nishithe varada Lakshmih ko jagartiti bhashini
Jagati bhramate taysyam lokcheshtavalokini
Tasme vitam prayachachami yo jagarti mahitle


  • This Kojagiri vrat brings immense blessings from Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Indra as well. This night vigil and deep devotion on this day can enrich devotees’ lives.
  • Goddess Lakshmi’s divine energy helps in successful recovery from financial struggles. 
  • She bestows financial supremacy, security, endurance to the wealth accumulated. Helps to clear loans, debts. 
  • Newlyweds observe this vrat to be blessed with conjugal bliss and lucky progeny.
  • This vrat can give new employment opportunities to the unemployed 
  • Goddess Mahalakshmi helps in resolving challenges among married couples and promote happiness.

Kojagiri Vrat festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Sunday, 13th of October


Saturday, 31st of October


Wednesday, 20th of October


Sunday, 9th of October


Saturday, 28th of October


Thursday, 17th of October


Tuesday, 7th of October


Monday, 26th of October


Friday, 15th of October


Tuesday, 3rd of October


Monday, 22nd of October

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