Kritika Karte

Krittika Karthe is the transit of Sun into Krittika constellation. Karthe is a period of 13.5 days during which Sun transits through a particular Nakshatra. As the Earth revolves, the Sun also moves through each of the 27 nakshatras for an average time period of 13.5 days. These transits are important for farmers, and other activities associated with rain. Karthe assists in detecting the possibilities and nature of the rain or quality of air for a given period.

Kritika Karte 2023

Thu , 11th May 2023

For instance, The Sun entering the Mrigashira Nakshatra denotes rainy season astronomically this means that the Sun is aligned with Orion constellation’s location

Technically, the Sun is not hopping onto various constellations, these constellations are located far away from the solar system. It appears like Sun is moving due to our Earth’s movements-rotation and revolution motion; so, as an observer on Earth, since Sun is closer to us than the stars, it seems like Sun is moving from one constellation to another. This results in Karthe.

Krittika Nakshatra- General Attributes

Krittika is the third nakshatra of 27 nakshatras. When the moon is between 26:40 degrees Aries – 30°0′ to 40°0′ Taurus, this constellation is called Krittika or ‘Star of Fire’. Krittika Nakshatra is a cluster of six stars called Pleiades. It is one of the bright constellations. The word Krittika translates to "cutter or one who cuts" and symbolised by a razor or sharp pointed object. This star beholds the divine power of Lord Agni Deva and Lord Muruga. It displays fiery, combative nature and destructive capabilities. Fire energy of Krittika also signifies abilities to transcend into highest being through soul purification. This star shows adventurous spirit and energetic demeanour. This star imparts sharp tongue, ability to speak blunt truth, penetrating criticisms, independence, boundless courage of a warrior. Like a double-edged sword, they have combination of both strong creative and destructive tendencies, dislike imperfections, delays and disruptions.

Intelligence coupled with aggression is a unique nature of this star. Krittika star invokes the passion to fight and is motivated by desire or social causes. Sun is the planetary ruler of Krittika nakshatra, the native exhibit inherent leadership qualities and ultimate material detachment due to spiritual nature. 

Kritika Karte festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Saturday, 11th of May


Monday, 11th of May


Tuesday, 11th of May


Wednesday, 11th of May


Thursday, 11th of May


Saturday, 11th of May


Sunday, 11th of May


Monday, 11th of May


Tuesday, 11th of May 


Thursday, 11th of May


Friday, 11th of May

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