Kurma Jayanti

Vaishaka month’s Poornima is observed as birthday of Kurma Avatar-Kurma Jayanthi. Kurma Avatar is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu’s Dashavatar. The sanskrit word “Kurma” means Tortoise. This avatar is considered as a symbol of support and perseverance. Kurma Avatar is also called Kamatha, Kacchapam, Akupara and Ambuchara-aatmanaa meaning a 'tortoise' or ' in the form of a tortoise'

Kurma Jayanti 2023

Fri , 5th May 2023


Lord Vishnu in Kurma Avatar signifies stability and perseverance. Though most of the Vishnu avatars fight evil and establish Dharma, Kurma Avatar stands out in its purpose. The purpose behind this manifestation is sheer support and aid. Tortoise is one of the beings with a long life span, this also denotes longevity and stability. Shell of the tortoise symbolises inner strength and meditative abilities.

In the yogic world, Kurma avatar denotes Kurma Naadi the energy meridian that binds our breath with the cosmos, keeping us alive. It is closely associated with throat (Visshudhi) chakra. Kurmasana is one the asanas in Hatha yoga that cleanses and deepens the Kurma Naadi. It can also be perceived as the basis of meditation, watching the breath (Kurma Naadi ) is the first step towards meditation. Turning inward is also symbolised through the Kurma Avatar. Vedic astrology connects Kurma avatar to Planet Saturn based on the attributes of the avatar like slow, steady, stubborn and longevity. Kurma avatar worship and rituals are one of the best remedies for poor placement of Saturn.


On the day of Kurma Jayanti, Vishnu devotees observe a strict fast and devote their time in meditation or japa. The vrat for this festival commences the previous night and continues till the next full day. Devotees observe night vigil, stays awake reciting ‘Vishnu sahasranaama’ and other Vedic Vishnu mantras. Grant festivities are organized at the ‘Sri Kurman Sri Kurmanatha Swami Temple’ in Andhra Pradesh and devotees from far and wide visit this temple for special pooja. Offering donations or charity to needy also is seen as an important event of the day. Donations in the form of food, money, clothes, or helpful efforts towards enhancement of life is considered of great power/ spiritual support on this day.

Gayathri Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavate
Kum Kurmaaya
Tharaa-thara Dhurandharaaya Nama
Om Kurmaaya Namaha


  • Observing Kurma jayanthi vrat relieves and mitigates Sade Sati effects and poorly placed Saturn in horoscope. 
  • Mahavishnu in the Kurma avatar imparts great firmness, stability and energy rooting to His devotees.
  • Blesses good health, longevity, and great mental peace. 
  • This vrat also negates Vaastu dosha and bestows new assets like land and other properties. 

Kurma Jayanti festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Saturday, 18th of May


Thursday, 7th of May


Wednesday, 26th of May


Sunday, 15th of May


Friday, 5th of May


Thursday, 23rd of May


Monday, 12th of May


Friday, 1st of May


Thursday, 20th of May


Monday, 8th of May


Sunday, 27th of May