Manarkadu Church Festival Starts

St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Cathedral at Manarcad situated in Kottayam, Kerala state in India is one of the most ancient cathedrals for St Mary. This is a powerful spot for worshipping St Mary and the History of the Church holds many stories of miracles in devotee’s life. St. Mary’s Cathedral in Manarcad is also the Global Marian Pilgrim Centre. It is believed that this is the only church in Malankara region where the site for the church construction was granted in a divine revelation. The Holy Shrine- St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral, Manarcad – celebrates the feast of the Nativity of Virgin Mary.

Manarkadu Church Festival Starts 2023

Fri , 1st Sep 2023

The annual feast day for Nativity of Mary is celebrated for 8 days- beginning from September 1, concluding on September 8- the eve of “Nativity of Mary”. It is referred as 'Ettunombu Perunnal' or Ettu Nombu – translated to 8 Days lent, devotees fast for 8 full days, spend most of their time on prayers and reflection. The highlight of this annual festival is a spirited procession where devotees carry the sacred Golden Cross, called the "Rassa". This Golden Cross is taken out of the Church only during this festival, on the last three days of the feast.

St Mary’s devotees from all over the world gather in Manarkadu, Kottayam and there is huge influx on the final feast day to pay their obeisance and devotion. Some offer gratitude for the blessings in their life and some pray for miracles that the Cathedral is famous for.

Muthukkuda procession

On September 6, ornamental umbrellas or parasols called muthukkuda procession is organized. The culmination day of the 8-day fete was marked by offering a specialty called 'Nercha ilambu' or Pachoru Nercha, to St. Mary. After the offering, it is distributed to devotees as a blessing. It is a dessert made from rice, milk and jaggery, served on the final feast day.


Holy portrait of St Mary with infant Jesus in her arms that is kept in the sanctum sanctorum will be unveiled for “darshan” on 7th September during this 8-days festival. This portrait will be closed on 14th September.

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