Maritime Day Of China

China Maritime Day is celebrated on July 11 every year. This day commemorates the maritime expeditions or voyages of Admiral Zheng He to Southeast Asia and West Africa between 1405 & 1433. Zheng He's first ever voyage departed from the city of Suzhou in his ship, 'the raft of stars'. Mariner Zheng He was appointed by Yongle Emperor when he started building the treasure fleet in 1404. There were seven voyages in total; they were diplomatic, militaristic, and commercial in nature. This voyage brought many foreign ambassadors whose kings and rulers who were ready to declare themselves tributaries of Great China.

Maritime Day Of China 2023

Tue , 11th Jul 2023

On July 11, 1405, “An imperial edict” was issued by Yongle emperor Ming China ordering the expedition. The last voyage was in the year 1432 under the instructions of the great Ming emperor Zhu Zhanji, unfortunately it was the admiral Zheng- He’s final journey. He died mid-way through the voyage.

Maritime Day is a relatively new holiday; the Chinese government established Maritime Day in the year 2005 to celebrate Oceanic conquests of China. Today, China Maritime Day honors China’s contribution to the International Maritime Organization, as well as their pioneering impact on regional trade policy and diplomacy. The maritime industry remains a crucial part of the global supply chain and it is inevitable to promote sustainability.


Maritime Day is celebrated mostly through state by organizing events and functions calling attention to the significance of shipping to China’s economy and their advancement in maritime interests in Southeast Asia.

Community ceremonies are held in honor of Zheng He’s historical ports of call. There are also few customs like ship whistles at the scheduled hours.

There is no time off given for Maritime Day.

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