Matangi Jayanti

Matangi Jayanthi is celebrated on the Shukla paksha Tritiya tithi of Vaishaka month. Goddess Matangi is the ninth DasaMahavidya. She is a Tantric Saraswathi who rules occult arts, music, and learning.

Matangi Jayanti 2023

Sun , 23rd Apr 2023


According to the legend, Goddess Matangi is a Goddess of wisdom and Chitta. She is an epitome of mysticism. Goddess Matangi is depicted as a middle-aged woman with dark green complexion of an emerald, three eyes and four arms holding skull, a jewel encrusted veena, sword and Abhaya mudra. Matangi is seen positioned in a natural setting, especially birds like green and red parrots, peacocks are seen. Matangi is a destroyer of the Raakshasas- demons. sometimes she is seen seated on a corpse of Lord Shiva or a demon, holding a skull and a bowl of blood and clumsy long hair. She is also called Ucchista Matangini. Once Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi visited Lord Shiva and Parvathi in Kailasha. The guests dropped food offerings made to them, from this offering rose a divine maiden called Ucchista Matangini. Pranatoshini Tantra in Buddhism traces the origin of Matangi.


Goddess Matangi is the embodiment of thought and action. Her divinity is expressed as all forms of divine arts, music and dance. She represents the knowledge of Brihaspathi and furthering spiritual seeking in the world. Worshipping Her also means honouring the Guru. She is the cosmic power that bonds -dharma, artha, kama and moksha together.

Goddess Matangi is powerful on full moons, the ‘night of divine intoxication.’ Matangi is housed in the Vishuddhi -Throat Chakra. This is the chakra centre of speech and voice. Matangi’s energy manifests as voice and words of speech. The energy meridian or ‘nadi’ or a channel that connects Third Eye (Ajna centre) to the tip of the tongue, is the passage of her energy. Divine Bliss flows through this meridian that finds expression as majestic poetry, and other literature works.

Mantra: Om Hrim Klim Hum Maatangyai Phat Swaha.


  • Worshipping Matangi enhances beauty and intellect. 
  • She blesses us with prowess on speech, music, and arts. 
  • Matangi also blesses happy marital life and material gains. 
  • Goddess Matangi encompasses elements of detachment -- She axes the emotional and material attachments that bind individuals on to the mundane routine world, thus creating a path for revolutionary spiritual pursuit. 

Matangi Jayanti festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Tuesday, 7th of May


Sunday, 26th of April


Friday, 14th of May


Tuesday, 3rd of May


Sunday, 23rd of April


Friday, 10th of May


Wednesday, 30th of April


Monday, 20th of April


Sunday, 9th of May


Thursday, 27th of April


Wednesday, 16th of May

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