Matsya Jayanti

Matsya Avatar is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu who appeared in a Fish form during Sathya Yuga. Lord Vishnu took this form to save all the flora and fauna from a massive flood and cyclone. Tritiya tithi of Shukla paksha in Chaitra month marks the birthday of Matsya Avatar.

Matsya Jayanti 2023

Fri , 24th Mar 2023


Matsya Avatar is the first of the ten divine incarnations -‘Dashavatar’ of Lord Vishnu. Matsya form of Vishnu is represented by a one horned fish. In this avatar, Lord Vishnu warned King Manu about the impending cosmic danger due to calamities and saved the world from a demon named ‘Damanaka’. However, there are no formal rituals or traditions mentioned in ancient Vedic scriptures to worship Matsya except this avatar’s purpose and the tithi of the avatar. Yet on the day of Matsya Jayanti, devotees worship Lord Vishnu with devotion and gratitude for saving the world from the wipe out. 


On this day, devotees observe all day fast to appease Lord Vishnu. Ideally the vrat for Matsya Jayanti begins from the previous night. The devotee refrains from eating grains and milk. The fast continues till the sunset of the following day. Vishnu devotees break their fast only after the dharshan of Lord Vishnu. Some devotees keep jagran by chanting Vedic mantras on Lord Vishnu. Reciting ‘Matsya Purana’ and ‘Vishnu Sahasranaama’ is considered highly auspicious. People donate generously for charity on the day of Matsya jayanthi. People also distribute food among the poor and needy. Special pujas are performed in the ‘Nagalapuram Veda Narayana Swamy Temple’, situated close to Tirupati. This temple is the only dedicated temple for this Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu. Devotees swarm this temple for special dharshan of Lord Vishnu on this day.


  • Promotes peace, harmony, and happiness in the family 
  • Strengthens financial status and attracts wealth accumulation, prosperity and abundance 
  • Observing this pooja fixes health issues and enhances peace of mind 
  • Guarantees riches and all material and spiritual luxuries 

Important Timings On Matsya Jayanti


March 24, 2023 6:31 AM


March 24, 2023 6:35 PM

Tritiya Tithi Begins

March 23, 2023 6:21 PM

Tritiya Tithi Ends

March 24, 2023 5:00 PM

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Monday, 8th of April


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