Milad Ul Nabi

Eid Milad un-Nabi is the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad of Islam. This day is celebrated on the 12th of third month, Rabi' al-awwal of the Islam lunar calendar. It is also referred as Mawlid, Mawlid an-Nabi ash-Sharif or mawlidu n-nabiyyi. In Arabic - مولد, mawlid, mevlid, mevlit, mulud- roughly translates to birthday of the Prophet. This festival is also called “Maouloud” in West Africa. This day is celebrated by all Islam people around the globe, especially by Sunni sect of Islam. Mawlid is recognized as a national holiday in most of the Islam countries of the globe except Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Milad Ul Nabi 2023

Wed , 27th Sep 2023

History of Milad un-Nabi

Exact origin of Mawlid is hard to trace. According to available records, history of this celebration dates back to the early days of Islam culture when some of the Tabi‘un ("followers" or "successors" of Prophet Muhammad) held private prayer sessions where poetry and songs were composed to honour Muhammad. The songs were recited to the assembled crowd. This was the initial celebration of Prophet’s birthday; this is also a reason why this festival is called Mawlid- the term refers to the 'text especially composed for and recited at Muhammad's nativity celebration'. Officially the celebrations commenced around 630 AD by first Islam ruler, Muzaffar al-Din Gökböri. The festivities included elements of Sufi music with animal sacrifices and torchlight processions along with public sermons followed by feast.


On this special day, people discuss and celebrate the origin of the Prophet Muhammad. They read His holy teachings and pay gratitude to the Prophet. Gifting on Milad-un-Nabi is also an important ritual of this day. Common celebrations of this day are - Hamd, Tasbih, public processions, and Na`at (religious poetry). Family and friends meet in social gatherings to exchange gifts. The whole house and streets are decorated with a tinge of Green colour that symbolises Islam culture and paradise.

People also observe night long prayers and offer communal meals in the mosques and other community buildings. Exhibitions are featured in many Islam countries with photos and painting of mosques and Prophet’s life. Though Mawlid has been a constant subject of intense debates, people rejoice this day by celebrating glorious life of Prophet Muhammad.

Mawlid is a grand celebration in almost all Islamic countries, and in other countries with significant Islam population, like Ethiopia, India, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Maldives, Morocco, Jordan, Libya, Russia and Canada. In Qatar and Saudi Arabia this celebration is forbidden. 

Milad Ul Nabi festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Sunday, 10th of November


Thursday, 29th of October


Tuesday, 19th of October


Saturday, 8th of October


Wednesday, 27th of September


Monday, 16th of September


Friday, 5th of September


Wednesday, 26th of August


Sunday, 15th of August


Thursday, 3rd of August


Tuesday, 24th of July