Nagula Chavithi

Nagula Chavithi is observed on the Shukla paksha Chaturthi tithi of Karthika masa. This day is an auspicious day to perform the Naga Puja or serpent worship and remedial rituals. Naga Devatas is worshipped, and prayers are offered to the ‘Valmeeka’ or ‘Putta’ – snake pits. Nagula Chavithi is a grand celebration in many parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka after Diwali.

Nagula Chavithi 2023

Thu , 16th Nov 2023


Ancient Vedic scriptures talk volumes about close association between Gods and Sarpa Devatas (serpents). Every Lord in the Hindu temple is depicted with a snake abharana, snake ornament or seen seated on seven hooded snake. Lord Shiva wears a snake as an ornament around his neck and is referred as ‘Naga Bhushana’. Lord Vishnu is known as ‘Sesha Thalpa Sai’, where the serpent God Adisesha serves as his bed on Ksheerasagara. Lord Ganesh is also referred as ‘Naga Yajnopaveetha’ and Lord Muruga as ‘Naga Swarupa’ due to His role in Kundalini yoga teachings.

Serpent worship plays a major role in Hindu Culture and many other cultures in the world. Serpent denotes rising kundalini energy in spiritual world and Rahu & Ketu planets in Vedic astrology. Serpent worship is crucial for a successful, smooth life on earth plane. Sarpa doshas or ill placements of Rahu & Ketu can result in delayed marriage, progeny challenges and bad health like spine problems.

As an agricultural community, serpent worship is a thanksgiving ritual to snakes. Their role in food chain is significant, they help by consuming rats which destroy crops or reduce yield.


This festival is a popular festival among the women in the household, they worship “Divine Serpent Gods- Sarpa Devatas” for the goodness of the well-being of their family. Wake up early in the morning before sunrise and take a ritualistic holy bath. Then sanctify the pooja room. Install an idol of Naga Devata, offer prayers to propitiate the Snake God -Naga Puja. Some people also visit Naga temples to offer milk, turmeric powder and sometimes eggs to Valmeeka’ or ‘Putta’ (snake pits). This is believed to be the best way to worship Sarpa Devata.

A special offering or Naivedhya of sesame laddoos, a dish made of black or white sesame and caramelised jaggery is made and offered to the snake deity.


  • Unmarried women observe fast and pour milk into termite mound to beget a good spouse. Married women observe fast and perform puja for the wellbeing of their family.
  • Observing this Puja offers protection and blessings from Naga Devatas to cure effects of venom, troubles from insects and birds 
  • Performing these puja rituals can cure skin diseases, arthritis, and spine problems 
  • Serpent worship solves marital problems and relationships challenges. Enhances compassion and ability to forgive.
  • Rahu and Ketu blessings on this day remove curses from serpents like Kala Sarpa dosha and mitigates karmic afflictions due to snakes. 

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