Nahay Khay

The first day of Chhath puja is Nahay Khay and is celebrated on the Shukla paksha Chathurthi tithi of Karthika masa. On this day devotees prepare for the Surya Shasti and observe fast from sunrise to sunset during the day. This festival is dedicated to Lord Surya.

Nahay Khay Date 2023

Fri , 17th Nov 2023


This is the one of the few festivals that does not involve idolatry and is purely dedicated to Sun God & mother nature. Chhath is considered as the most environment friendly festival the essence of this celebration is the worship of elements in nature. This celebration is often used to spread the important message of conserving nature. All the rituals are performed to worship Lord Surya (the Sun deity). "Chhathi Maiya" is the mother goddess who is worshipped as the "Goddess of the festival". The Sun is offered arghya(offering/homage) in this puja.

The Sun is the Cosmic God visible to every being, every living cell on earth plane and He is the basis of life energy of all the creatures on earth. According to Vedic Astrology, planet Sun denotes - soul, father, ancestor, respect, and higher beings. The bright light of the Sun has the ability to destroy diseases and grant clear conscience. The auspicious effect of the sun can make a person healthy, wealthy and self-confident. His blessings can bestow great cleansing energy. Chhathi maiya or Chhathi mata worshipped in this ritual protects the offspring and blesses provides longevity. 


On this day, the house and pooja altar are cleaned and sanctified. After this, the Vratis or parvaitin visit their nearest river or local water bodies like pond and pray to the water before taking a bath in the clean water. The fast commences from the holy dip. Vratis eat only one meal for the day or eat after sunset after a full day fasting. Meat, spicy and fried foods are avoided in this fast. A special food called Satvic Kaddu Bhaat and serve it as a bhog to the Sun deity in the afternoon after a simple pooja. This food is preferably cooked in bronze or clay utensils.


  • Cleaning local water bodies in the region creates an opportunity to conserve water bodies and preserve local species.
  • Offering prayers to Sun enhances leadership capabilities and brings clarity in life.
  • Chhath puja rituals brings environment into focus and the need of sustainability. 

 Nahay khay festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Thursday, 31st of October


Wednesday, 18th of November


Monday, 8th of November


Saturday, 29th of October


Friday, 17th of November


Tuesday, 5th of November


Saturday, 25th of October


Friday, 13th of November 


Tuesday, 2nd of November


Saturday, 21st of October


Friday, 9th of November

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