Nand Utsav

Nand Utsav or Nand Mahotsav is celebrated on the Navami day following Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. This day is celebrated with great fervor by Lord Krishna’s devotees by re-enacting scenes from his childhood, like his curd and butter stealing. It commemorates the celebrations in the home of Lord Krishna’s foster parents Nanda and Yashoda Devi. It is believed that all the villagers of Gokula visited Nanda’s house to see little Krishna. Happy father Nand Baba distributed ornaments, clothes, cattle and various other valuables among saints and sages who visited Lord Krishna on this day.

Nand Utsav 2023

Fri , 8th Sep 2023

It is believed that Nanda (Krishna’s foster father) and the whole village of Gokul celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna by indulging in music, dance, and many games involving cattle. One of the important games among these is the Dahi Handi. This game is still followed across India; young men form a human pyramid to break a curd filled matka (clay pot) hung from a considerable height, imitating Gokul’s original celebrations.

In Nathdwara and Vrindavan, this festival is celebrated with great devotion. Devotees celebrate by including the idols of Nanda and Yashoda in the routine temple rituals. Usually, Lord Shrinath idol is placed in a cradle after the ‘Mahabhog Aarti’, on the day of Nandotsav, Yashoda Mata is placed next to him to swing the cradle. In some temples, Yashoda and Nanda idols are placed on either side of the cradle.

In the Radhavallabh temple, special panchamritha bath is performed in the morning hours to the Lord Radhavallabha. The whole temple is decorated with bright yellow color. The inner sanctum is also decorated with yellow curtains. Banana leaves and kalash are placed in the inner sanctum symbolizing the good rituals known as ‘Mangal Chin’. Lord Shri Radhavallabh is adorned with yellow attire, bejeweled with special ornaments.

Nand Utsav festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Sunday, 25th of August


Thursday, 13th of August


Tuesday, 31st of August


Saturday, 20th of August


Friday, 8th of September


Tuesday, 27th of August


Sunday, 17th of August


Saturday, 5th of September


Thursday, 26th of August


Monday, 14th of August


Sunday, 2nd of September

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