Narali Purnima

Narali Poornima is celebrated in Shravana masa, this festival marks the end of monsoon and is specific to the state of Maharashtra, India. Naral means coconut in Marathi since this festival involves offering coconut it is called Narali Poornima. People of Maharashtra offer coconuts to the sea, express gratitude to the ocean. This is a prominent festival among the fishing communities in Maharashtra like Koli community.

Narali Purnima Date 2023

Thu , 31st Aug 2023


Every community celebrates festivals based on their geographical locations, their primary source of food, and business activities related to it. Since Maharashtra is one the coastal states of the country, Narali Poornima is celebrated to honour the Sea God- Lord Varuna. Narali Poornima festival is celebrated before commencing the new fishing season. During monsoon, people do not fish due to rains and for the danger it poses on sea. They do not consume fish all through the season of monsoon, only after monsoon, fishermen begin sailing and their fishing activities. So, they appease the mighty sea-God, Varuna Bhagawan before sailing on the majestic ocean. They pray for a safe sail and productive fishing. Narali Pournima, Shravani Pournima, Rakhi Pournima are the various names of this festival. 


Maharashtra celebrates this Poornima with a lot of fervour and devotion. People gather at the shores of the ocean and offer coconut at high tide, worship the sea with sincere prayers. The traditional food of the festival called coconut sweet curry is made along with rice called Naral Bhaath & narlachi karanjis. Celebratory singing and dancing are the main attraction of this sea festival. People rejoice their connects with the ocean with gratitude. Fishermen repair and fix their boats, fishing nets days ahead of the festival. They paint and decorate their boats with flower garlands. Some believe purchasing new boats on this day is auspicious. Pooja is performed to the boats lined up at the shore and new lamps lighted and are carried on the boats to be set afloat in the waves. Men and women dress up in their traditional attire, go on a procession in the evening on this day.


  • This ritual blesses abundance and prosperity, great fishing produce.
  • Narali Poornima creates a channel to pay gratitude to Lord Varuna Bhagawan.
  • This ritual ensures safety of the fishermen who go on fishing; avoid fishing injuries due to water element like high tides.

Narali Purnima festival dates between 2019 & 2029




Thursday, 15th of August


Monday, 3rd of August


Sunday, 22nd of August


Friday, 12th of August


Thursday, 31st of August


Monday, 19th of August


Saturday, 9th of August


Friday, 28th of August


Tuesday, 17th of August


Saturday, 5th of August


Friday, 24th of August

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