Nativity Of Mary

Nativity of Mary is a feast day in Christianity. The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on the eighth of September every year. Usually, the custom of the church is to celebrate a feast day of a saint on the date of their mortal death as their mortal death denotes liberation and is truly their "die natalis". However, for Mother Mary, Her birthday is remembered as their birth into eternal happiness.

Nativity Of Mary 2023

Fri , 8th Sep 2023

Mary entered this earth plane absolutely sinless through Immaculate Conception and is the firstborn of the Redeemed. Her nativity is a source of great joy and according to Pope Paul VI, it is considered as the" dawn of our salvation"- Marialis Cultus in 1972.

This feast day has been in practice since the Sixth Century, and the earliest document available on this Feast Day believes that this feast originated in the city of Jerusalem in a church dedicated to St. Anne, located north of the Temple about the Pool of Bethesda. The date of September 8 was chosen to celebrate the Nativity of Mary because the civil year began in Constantinople on September 1.

The celebration of this feast day portrays that the world’s darkness of sins was cleared with the arrival of Mary who brought a glimmer of light. The light that appears at Mary's holy birth was actually a foreword, which preannounces the arrival of Christ, the Light of the Whole World.

This a famous religious observance in the Catholic Christian Churches. In India, states of Kerala, Goa and city of Mangalore celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. In Kerala, the feast of Mary's Nativity is called “Nalpiravi “and is a major celebration among Saint Thomas Christians. An eight-day abstinence of meat and alcohol is observed from September 1 until the 8th, Feast Day. In Goa and Mangalore city, it is called “Monti Fest” and is celebrated like as a harvest festival to pay gratitude to Mother Mary for a bountiful harvest.

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