Parashurama Jayanti

Tritiya tithi (third lunar day) of Shukla paksha of Vaishakha (April-May) is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Parasurama. Name Parasurama is translated to Rama with the Parashu- meaning the Axe given to the Lord as a boon to his penance to Lord Shiva.

Parashurama Jayanti Date 2023

Sat , 22nd Apr 2023


Lord Vishnu was born as the fifth son of Bhrigu dynasty's Jamadagni Rishi and Renuka Devi. As per Hindu Upanishads, it is believed that Parasuram's avatar still alive on earth plane and is portrayed as immortal avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is also said in Kalki Purana that the tenth avatar of Vishnu, Kalki will be the student of Lord Parasurama.

Parasurama was invoked on Earth by Vishnu devotees when King Kartaveerya Arjun from Haideya dynasty was brutal to people. People faced lot of difficulties due to the barbarity of Kshatriyas in this period. It is mentioned in Harivansha Purana that Lord Parasurama freed the Earth 21 times from the cruel Kshatriyas.

Lord Vishnu took this warrior saint form at avenge all the Kshatriyas who were ruling the world with injustice. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He is believed to be the Guru of Karna, Bheeshma and Dronacharya who trained Pandavas. Lord Parasurama was born to Sage Jamadagni and Renuka. His father was killed by a Kshatriya King called Kartaveerya Arjuna, to avenge for his father’s death Lord Parasurama killed 21 generations of Kshatriya who were missing their power to torment innocents. He is a great martial art expert and is known to have learnt the arts from Shiva himself. There is more than one fable in folklores and in puranas about the Lord’s martial exploits and His rage-Krodha. After His long fight in killing Kshatriyas, He relinquished his weapons and chose atonement.

He is mainly worshipped at the holy place called Pajaka near Udupi in Uttara Karnataka. Other temples for Lord Parasurama are found in the western coast of India.


agrata: chaturo vedaa: pṛṣṭhata: sasharam dhanu:
idam braahmaṃ idam kṣhatraṃ Shaapaadapi Sharaadapi 


My salutations to Lord Parshuram who is full of intellect from the four Vedas and arts of the bow and arrow, the Lord with the radiance of both the Brahman and the Kshatriya, who destroys sinners and evils with His axe.


  • Observing this festival greatly supports spiritual progress.
  • Parasurama Jayanthi blesses us with success in academics, career, business in all endeavors   
  • Parasurama Jayanthi promotes peace, harmony, and happiness in the family.  
  • Observing vrat strengthens financial status and attracts wealth accumulation, prosperity, and abundance. 
  • Lord Parasurama cures health issues and enhances peace of mind.  
  • Lord Parasurama also guarantees riches and all material and spiritual luxuries.   

Important Timings On Parashurama Jayanti


April 22, 2023 6:04 AM


April 22, 2023 6:46 PM

Tritiya Tithi Begins

April 22, 2023 7:49 AM

Tritiya Tithi Ends

April 23, 2023 7:47 AM

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Tuesday, 7th of May


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