Pratipada Shraddha

Pratipada Shraddha is first day of Pitru Paksha and is performed for family members who expired on Pratipada Tithi, both Shukla & Krishna Paksha Pratipada. Pratipada Shraddha is also called Padwa Shraddha. Tarpanam and pind-daan rituals are said to grant peace and light to the deceased people.

Pratipada Shraddha Date 2023

Fri , 29th Sep 2023


Pratipada Shraddha is considered ideal for performing Shraddha for ancestors who died on this tithi and for maternal grandparents. If there is no male heir or male member in maternal side to perform Shraddha this day can be chosen to organise shradh and pins dhan rituals. This day is well suited to perform tarpanam for maternal grandparents whose details of demise is unknown. Tarpanam rituals play an important role in getting rid of ‘Pitru-Runa’. Shraddh rituals are also performed as a spiritual way of showing our ancestors their importance in the family and future generations. 


As per sacred scriptures it is suggested that Pitru Paksha ceremonies must be performed on the banks of sacred rivers or near celestial places like Gaya, Kashi, Prayaaga, Kurukshetra, Naimisharanya, Rameswaram. But keeping in view the various practical difficulties involved, these rituals are being performed at various powerful temples and religious mutts specifically created for this purpose. Male members of the family, a Dwija (undergone the process of Upanayana) can perform this Tarpan or Shraddha ritual. Shraddha ritual includes Homa, Arghya (offering of water), Pinda-dhan, Dakshina, donating to Brahmins, Vikira and Tarpana. Shraddha Slokas are recited, followed by pinda dhaan.

During the Pinda Pradhaana process, the Pindas are arranged in the form of Vishnu’s footprint, Vishnu Paada placed on Dharbha grass. Pindaas are made from cooked rice, mixed with Thila- sesame seeds. These Pinda offerings are immersed in a river or a local water body, sometimes it is also offered to a cow or crows. Greens, plantains and bananas are offered to a cow on this day. People observe fast on this day and refrain from cutting their hair, shaving their beard all through the pitru paksha. ‘Daan’ is also offered in the name of the deceased family member on the Pratipada shradh tithi.


  • It is believed that observing Pratipada Shraddha rituals bestow peace, prosperity, and happiness at home. 
  • Tarpanam and pind-daan rituals offer peace and ascension to the deceased family members. This blesses them liberation from the cycle of birth and death. 
  • Pratipada Shraddha creates a window to offer Tarpanam to ancestors without a male heir in their family. 
  • These rituals also bestow inner strength, will power and divine blessings.
  • Clears challenges with matrimonial progress and progeny. Blesses lucky children and cordial spousal relationship.

Important Timings On Pratipada Shraddha


September 29, 2023 6:21 AM


September 29, 2023 6:13 PM

Pratipada Tithi Begins

September 29, 2023 3:27 PM

Pratipada Tithi Ends

September 30, 2023 12:21 PM

Aparahna Kaal

September 29, 1:28 PM - September 29, 3:50 PM

Kutup Muhurat

September 29, 11:53 AM - September 29, 12:41 PM

Rohina Muhurat

September 29, 12:41 PM - September 29, 1:28 PM

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