Radha Ashtami

Shukla Paksha Ashtami tithi of Bhadrapada month is celebrated as Radha Ashtami. This day marks the birthday of Goddess Radharani, (of Radhakrishna) consort of Lord Shri Krishna. Radha Ashtami celebrates the unconditional love between Shri Krishna and Radha. Radha ashtami is celebrated 15days after Gokulashtami, the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna’s devotees, especially women observe this festival for a happy marital life.

Radha Ashtami Date 2023

Sat , 23rd Sep 2023


According to Vishnu Khanda of Skanda Purana, Radha Rani was found on a golden lotus leaf in a pond of Barsana by King Vrishbhanu and his wife, Keerti. This couple worshipped Lord Vishnu for a child since they did not have a child of their own. They considered Radha as godsend and adopted her. There are many folklores associated with the birth and childhood stories Radha. It is said that the little baby girl did not open her lotus eyes until Lord Shri Krishna appeared in front of Her. Puranas and scriptures describe Radha and Lord Shri Krishna are the source of divine spiritual energy, a unison of cosmic energies. Radha presence is always associated with Lord Krishna; it is portrayed as the divine purpose of Her birth on earth plane. Their relationship is an analogy where the Radhe represents human soul longing to be merged with the universal higher soul, Lord Krishna.


On the day of Radha Ashtami, devotees wake up before sunrise and spend the whole day worshiping Radha Rani, singing Kirtans and listening to the glory of RadheKrishna. Though it is Radha Ashtami, devotees worship and offer prayers to both Radha Rani and Lord Shri Krishna.

Clean the pooja altar, set RadheKrishna idol for worship rituals. Abhishekam is performed for Radha Rani and RadheKrishna idols with Panchamrita- an amalgamation of milk, yogurt, ghee, jaggery and honey. The idol is adorned with colourful clothes and fragrant flowers and holy basil, along with incense- dhoop, akshat, kumkum, roli, shringaar, Aarti and neivedhya. Pooja is performed around noon of the day, since Radha was said to be born during the Madhyana kala. Bhajans and mantra Japa are performed, then the prasad is distributed among the devotees. Many Krishna devotees perform NIrjala fast on this day. Some also eat and drink prescribed foods while fasting like coconut water, buttermilk and lemon water and sattvic desserts, salads to stay energised. We can break the fast in the evening after the temple visit. You can also donate food to the poor and needy. According to the Narada Purana, devotees who perform fasting on this ashtami day reaps blessings of both Radha and Krishna.

Radhe Gayathri Mantra

"Om Vrashbhanujaye Vidmahe
Krishnapriyaye Dhimahi
Tanno Radha Prachodayath"


  • Radha ashtami is an ideal festival to worship the divine couple, Radha and Krishna. 
  • Radha Rani can bless prosperity, abundance and strong financial success to the devotees 
  • This vrat strengthens relationship bond between couples and bless conjugal bliss. 
  • Worshipping Radha is an easy way to access Lord Krishna’s spiritual energy. 
  • Radha ashtami is a grand celebration following Gokulashtami in various Lord Vishnu’s temples and ISKCON. 

Radha Ashtami 2023 Tithi Timings


23 September, 2023 06:19 AM


23 September, 2023 06:19 PM

Ashtami Tithi Begins

22 September, 2023 01:35 PM

Ashtami Tithi Ends

23 September, 2023 12:18 PM

Radha Ashtami festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Wednesday, 26th of August


Tuesday, 14th of September


Sunday, 4th of September


Saturday, 23rd of September


Wednesday, 11th of September


Sunday, 31st of August


Saturday, 19th of September


Wednesday, 8th of September


Sunday, 27th of August


Saturday, 15th of September


Thursday, 5th of September

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