Ramayana Masam

Ramayana masa or Karkidakam is a month in Malayalam calendar that corresponds July to August in Gregorian calendar. Karkidakam month is called Ramayana masa because the epic Ramayana is recited everyday of this month. Ramayana masa is considered a lean month. This is a month to turn inward; it is ideal for spiritual pursuits, medical treatments, pilgrimage, and worship. No auspicious ceremonies like marriages, housewarming, baby shower or commencing new projects are performed in this month.

Ramayana Masam 2023

Mon , 17th Jul 2023


Karkidakam is the month of spirituality and devotion in the state of Kerala. The period of Ramayana Masam is spent in doing sacred rituals. The translated Malayalam version of the Epic Ramayana called 'Adhyatma Ramayana Kilippattu' by Thunchath Ezhuthachan is read every day. Some also read the original Sanskrit epic written by Sage Valmiki. According to the Malayala Panchangam, this period is utilised for the ultimate well-being over material wellbeing which is why all auspicious ceremonies and new business ventures are not initiated in this period.

The practice of reading Ramayana began long-time ago. During the Karkidakam Masam the monsoon rain will be at its peak and often results in heavy floods and landslides. The crop fields flood, people remain indoors to avoid heavy rains. It is also called 'Panja Masam' due to crop losses. To ward off the fury from Mother Nature, people worshipped Lord Vishnu and began the practice of reciting Ramayana verses.


Amavasya (new moon day) of the Karkidakam Masam is highly auspicious for ancestor rituals. People perform special tarpanam rituals at the shore of water bodies for inner peace of their deceased family. This ritual is performed by the male members of the family. Beginning from the first day of the month, everyday family members gather and light 'Nilavilakku', a traditional lamp of Kerala followed by reciting Ramayana verses from 'Adhyatma Ramayana'. Every day a new chapter is read in a way that the whole of Ramayana is covered at the end of Karkidakam Masam.

While reading Ramayana,

  • Light a lamp, offer a simple prayer to Lord Ganesha first then continues reading the Ramayana. 
  • Uttara Ramayana should not be recited. 
  • Ramayana chapters that cover the birth of Lord Rama, His early life and all chapters until His coronation should only be read. 
  • Particularly the fourteen lines beginning with "Sri Rama Rama " from the Bala Kandam must be read before commencing recitation for the day. 
  • It is meritorious to perform Annadhana- food donation during this month. 
  • Due to urbanisation of the villages and transport facilities, people go on pilgrimage to the four temples of Lord Rama, King Lakshmana, King Bharata and Shatrughna situated in Kottayam and Thrissur districts. This pilgrimage is known as 'Nalambalam Darshanam'.
  • It is suggested to give up on being lazy, gossiping, or emotional/ physical violence and most importantly ego to reap best benefits of the reading Ramayana.

Important Timings On Ramayana Masam


July 17, 2023 5:54 AM


July 17, 2023 7:11 PM

Karkidakam Start

17 July, 2023

Karkidakam End

16 August, 2023

Amavasya Tithi Start

July 16, 2023 10:08 PM

Amavasya Tithi End

July 18, 2023 12:01 AM

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Thursday, 16th of July


Saturday, 17th of July


Sunday, 17th of July


Monday, 17th of July


Tuesday, 16th of July


Thursday, 17th of July


Friday, 17th of July


Saturday, 17th of July


Sunday, 16th of July


Tuesday, 17th of July


Wednesday, 17th of July

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