Rohini Vrat

Rohini vrat is an important event in Jainism. This vrat is observed for the well-being of the family and the community. The vrat begins when Rohini Nakshatra appears in the sky after the sunrise. Jains follow this vrat once in every 27 days, everytime Rohini nakshatra appears. The vrat is completed People fast full time during the Rohini Nakshatra and break their fast when Margashirsha nakshatra begins. There are about twelve Rohini Vrat in a Vedic year.

Rohini Vrat 2023

Wed , 4th Jan 2023

Rituals of Rohini Vrat

On the day of the vrat, devotees wake up early, takes a holy shower, cleans the pooja altar. Idol of Bhagvan Vasupujya is set up for the flower decoration and pooja rituals. After pooja, neivedhyam or offerings are placed in the Arati and offered as Prasad to the family and friends. Offering Charity is also a major concluding ritual-Udyapan of this vrat.

Rohini Nakshatra- General attributes

Rohini is the fourth Nakshatra of the 27 constellations. It is a bright reddish constellation and when the Moon is between 40°00? to 53°20? Taurus, it is counted as Rohini Nakshatra. Astronomically it is Aldebaran star (Alpha-Tauri), 'Star of Ascent'. Rohini in Sanskrit translates to 'red one or the growing one'. This nakshatra imparts strong family values and a deep-rooted affinity towards for beauty, elegance, and luxuries. There charismatic nature with compassion makes them genuine friends in a group. Rohini is the birth star of Lord Krishna. This nakshatra is symbolised as a chariot or an Ox denoting progress, state of preparation and fertility. The planetary influence of the Moon and Venus makes this nakshatra, a symbol of nurturing, nourishment and receptive. Lord Brahma is the overlord of this nakshatra making the star highly creative and materialistic in nature.

Purpose of Rohini Vrat

This vrat is predominantly observed by the women in the family. It is believed that observing Rohini vrat, bestows prosperity, abundance, and peace. It enhances the quality of marital life and protects the family from poverty and other sorrows. Some women observe a strict fast for 21 full years and it is believed to bestow great benefits and good karma for the whole lineage. On this day, people donate food, money, and clothes generously.


  • This vrat blesses lucky and good progeny in the family. 
  • Worshipping moon on Rohini nakshatra plays an important role in enhancing abundance and financial prosperity 
  • Rohini nakshatra increases longevity of the life partner and promotes good health. 
  • This vrat also provides progressive success to the children of the family. 
  • Rohini Vrat promotes unison among couple and harmony in family.

All Rohini Vrat dates in 2023 and Rohini Nakshatra Timing


 Tithi Timing 

January 4th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Jan 03, 4:26 PM - Jan 04, 6:48 PM

January 31st

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Jan 30, 10:15 PM - Feb 01, 12:39 AM

February 28th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Feb 27, 5:18 AM - Feb 28, 7:19 AM

March 27th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Mar 26, 2:01 PM - Mar 27, 3:27 PM

April 23rd

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Apr 22, 11:24 PM - Apr 24, 12:27 AM

May 21st

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : May 20, 8:02 AM - May 21, 9:04 AM

June 17th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Jun 16, 3:07 PM - Jun 17, 4:25 PM

July 14th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Jul 13, 8:52 PM - Jul 14, 10:26 PM

August 10th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Aug 10, 2:29 AM - Aug 11, 4:01 AM

September 7th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Sep 06, 9:20 AM - Sep 07, 10:25 AM

October 4th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Oct 03, 6:03 PM - Oct 04, 6:29 PM

October 31st

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Oct 31, 4:01 AM - Nov 01, 3:58 AM

November 28th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Nov 27, 1:35 PM - Nov 28, 1:31 PM

December 25th

Rohini Nakshatra Timing : Dec 24, 9:19 PM - Dec 25, 9:39 PM

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