Sabarimala Masa Nada Thurappu

Sabarimala temple is located in Perinad Village, Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, India. This hilltop temple is open for worship only during specific occasions like Mandalapooja - approximately from 15 November to 26 December until Makara Sankranti on 14 January for “Makaravilakku” and for Vishu - Maha Vishuva Sankranti on 14 April, and first five days of each Malayalam month.

Sabarimala Masa Nada Thurappu 2022

Fri , 16th Dec 2022

Legend of Lord Ayyappa and Sabarimala Temple

Lord Ayyappa was created to free the earth from the clutches of demon Mahishi sister of Mahishasura; She had a boon granted from Lord Brahma. According to the boon, she cannot be defeated by any human being created from human union. So, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu created Lord Ayyappa from their spiritual union. And he later killed the demon. Based on common South Indian folklore, King Rajashekhara and the Queen of pandala land were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu; they prayed for the lord blessings for a child. After which, they found an infant left on the banks of river Pampa, when the the king went for hunting. They accepted the child as a lord's gift as their answer to their prayers and raised the child as their own. They later had a biological child of their own by the name Raja Rajan. Lord Ayyappa exhibited great character and humility as a child. He was a superhuman and brave child. When it was time to claim his inheritance to the throne, the Queen wanted her own son to be the king. Blinded by the love towards her own son Raja Rajan, she schemed a plan to get Lord Ayyappa killed.

She feigned an illness and requested Lord Ayyappa to get tigress' milk for remedy. Lord decided to visit the forest for the remedy. On his way, He killed the demon Mahishi on the banks of river Azhutha, accomplishing the purpose of His creation. He meets Lord Shiva in the forest and learns the truth about His birth. Lord Indra takes an avatar of a tiger and Ayyappa rides it back to the palace. King, queen, and people of the palace realises the true identity of the Lord. The Lord disappeared from the palace, leaving for His heavenly abode. To dignify and honor the Lord, a temple was constructed, and the Idol was consecrated on the top of the hill called Sabari, located in today's Kerala. He has various names, Harihara Sudhan, Harihara Puthran, Manikandan, Sastha. 

Sabarimala Masa Nada festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Wednesday, 16th of December


Thursday, 16th of December


Friday, 16th of December


Sunday, 17th of December


Monday, 16th of December


Tuesday, 16th of December


Wednesday, 16th of December


Friday, 17th of December


Saturday, 16th of December


Sunday, 16th of December


Monday, 16th of December

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