Samvatsari Panchani Paksha

Saṃvatsari is observed on Shukla Panchami tithi Bhadrapada month in the Jain calendar. This date falls in the Gregorian months- mid August and September. Saṃvatsari is a day for ‘Forgiveness’ and is considered as the holiest day in the Jain calendar during the Holy period of Parva Paryushana. It is ideally the last day of 'Parva Paryushana'. Paryushana is the most important festival to both the Digambara and Shwetambara sects of Jainism. In the Jain scriptures, it is described that Bhagawan Mahavir began Paryushanaa on this day of Bhadrapada Shukla panchami. Samvatsari occurs on the tenth Paryusha day for the Swetambara sect and on Pratipada tithi of Ashwin Krashna for the Digambara sect of Jains. In the Jain scriptures, it is described that Bhagawan Mahavir began Paryushanaa on this day of Bhadrapada Shukla panchami.

Samvatsari Panchani Paksha 2023

Wed , 20th Sep 2023

Traditions of Saṃvatsari

On this auspicious day, people in Jainism seek forgiveness for the mistakes committed consciously or unconsciously. They appeal to the compassionate side of every living being and seek for their forgiveness. Most importantly, they also forgive the ones who committed mistakes against them or hurt them. The day is also referred as Kshama Yachna Divas -apology seeking day, or Ahimsa Divas - non-violence day and Daya Divas - mercy or kindness day.

Charity is also an important event of the day; alms are distributed to the poor and needy. A Jina meaning a great spiritual teacher’s image is carried in a ceremonial parade. Some people pen letters asking for forgiveness and the removal of all guilty feelings about conscious or unconscious misdeeds during the past years. this creates a chance reflect and to make amends, so we can progress spiritually.

It is a tradition on Samvatsari, to greet friends and family by the phrase "Michachhami Dukkadam" which translates to, "If I have offended you, knowingly or unknowingly, through my thoughtform, or words or by actions/deed, I seek your forgiveness."

Samvatsari Pratikramana includes:

  • Samayika: a prayer to remain in equanimity by withdrawing to the inner self.
  • Prayers to the Five Supremes, 24 Jinas and the 4 mangalas, including Dharma as instructed by the ancient Masters of the Jainism.
  • Supreme Prayer to the Master or the Guru.
  • Inner Reflections on vrats and past transgressions.
  • Kayotsarga: the process of detachment from the bodily emotions by controlling them.
  • Pratyakhyan: taking vows or making resolutions for the time until next Samvatsari Pratikramana to abide by five major vows of Jainism.

Samvatsari Panchani Paksha festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Sunday, 23rd of August


Saturday, 11th of September


Thursday, 1st of September


Wednesday, 20th of September


Sunday, 8th of September


Thursday, 28th of August


Wednesday, 16th of September


Sunday, 5th of September


Thursday, 24th of August


Wednesday, 12th of September


Monday, 2nd of September

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