Shahadat Of Imam Hassan

Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī al-ʿAskarī was a Muslim scholar and the 11th Imam in Twelver Shia sect of Islam following his father Ali al-Hadi. He was also an important figure to Sunni – Sufis of Islam. He was often addressed as Abu Muhammad and Ibn al-Ridha. He is called al-Askari since he lived in the city of Samarra, military city and the word Askar in Arabic means military. According to Shia source of history, he was poisoned at the age of 28 on the orders of the Abbasid caliph. This date is observed as Shahadat-e-Imam Hussain to commemorate the Martyrdom of Imam Hassan. People mourn on this day and offer their sincere gratitude to the Imam Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī.

Shahadat Of Imam Hassan 2023

Thu , 14th Sep 2023

According to authentic Shia Hadith, Imam Hassan was born in Medina on the 8th of Rabiul Akhar 232 Hijri, Gregorian -4 December 846 AD. He served as an Imam for a period seven years. Shia sect Muslims believe that Hasan al-Askari became an Imam at the age of 22, after the death of his father. He received this Imamate through a divine command, as well as by the decrees of the previous Imams. During the seven years of his Imamate, Hasan al-Askari lived in isolation -taqiyah, without any social communication in the city of Samarra.

He was in taqiyah with his family in Samarra around the years 230- 232 A.H. In Samarra, al-Askari spent most of his time reading the Holy Quran and the Sharia. This was also due to the ruling Abbasid Caliphs who were against the increasing popularity of Shia Islam at the time. At one point, The Caliphs were frustrated about the growing popularity of Shia sect and poisoned Hasan al-Askari to put an end to the Imamate of Shi'ism. This is believed had happened on the 28th day of the Islamic month of Safar.

This day is a public holiday in most of the Islamic countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon.

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