Shaka Vrata Starts

Shaka Vrata is observed by Madhwa sect of Vaishnavism. It is one of the important Vrata of Chaturmaasya. It begins on Shukla paksha Ashadha ekadashi and ends on Shravana Shukla Shudda Dashami. This vrat is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Shaka Vrata Starts 2023

Thu , 29th Jun 2023


Shaka vrat is highly reverred in multiple puranas like Adithya Purana and Bhagavata purana. It is believed that Lord Vishnu goes into Sayana kala- slumber period and this affects the earth plane as well. Digestion and various bodily systems become slow as Dakshinayana kaala results in reduced heat from the Sun. All the four months, the sanyasis and devotees of Madhwa mutt follow various vrata to alter body and mind with nature. Shaka means spice or vegetables in Sanskrit. This vrat involves observing a strict diet devoid of vegetables, tamarind, green chilies, pickles, and some fruits.

These edibles have high heat-pitta, and when consumed the high heat produced in the system is conducive in this weather condition and spiritual pursuits. Coincidentally, vegetables and tamarind are not allowed during this period per Ayurvedic sciences too. Sattvic and neutral energy are consumed during this Shaka vrat. This vrat is aimed at physical purification and merging with Lord Vishnu’s energy which needs a certain physical state achieved by food and eating patterns.


The four months of Chaturmas and the vrata associated with these months aim at flushing out toxins from both body and mind. It helps to regain spiritual seeking and rebuild health. The term Shaka denotes the following ten items relating to edible plants- root, leaf, shoot, tip, fruit, stem, sprout, stalk, flower, skin. All these ten items are avoided during the shaka vrata. Only Agasthya greens, Tulasi, gooseberry, mango are allowed. During this vrata, Vishnu devotees do not offer vegetables, plantain, coconut, fruits, and other listed items as Neivedya to God.

The following things are avoided in this vrat:


Chana dal


Fruits (only Mangoes are allowed)

Dried red chillies (substituted with Black pepper)



Mustards (replacement -add cumins)

No dry fruits or nuts (like raisins, cashews, almonds)

Food items allowed- 

Lentils like Toor dhal (togari bele), moong dhal (hesaru bele), Urad dhal.

Spices- black pepper (Karimenasu), Cumin

Grains- wheat, sooji/rava, maida

Sesame seeds, ghee, jaggery, milk, yogurt, butter,

Gooseberry, lemon, ripe and green raw mangoes for sour flavour.

Shaka vrata Sankalpa (Ashada Shukla dwadashi)

shAkavratAM mayA deva gR^ihItaM puratastava |
nirvighnaM siddhimAyAtu prasAdAtte ramApate || 

Shaka Vrata Samarpane Mantra:

upAyanamidaM deva vratasaMpUrtihetave |
shAkaM tu dvijavaryAya sahiraNyaM dadAmyahaM ||

Shaka Vrata Starts festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Wednesday, 1st of July


Tuesday, 20th of July


Sunday, 10th of July


Thursday, 29th of June


Wednesday, 17th of July


Sunday, 6th of July


Saturday, 25th of July


Wednesday, 14th of July


Sunday, 2nd of July


Saturday, 21st of July


Thursday, 11th of July