Shasti or Sashti is observed on the Shasti tithi, 6th lunar day of Shukla Paksha of every lunar month. This day is dedicated to Lord Muruga. After Karthigai, Shasti tithi is a major power day to pray to Lord Muruga. The Shasti tithi of Margashira month is a major festival in South India. 

Shasti 2022

Wed , 28th Dec 2022

Legend of Shasti

Skanda Purana talks volumes about Lord Muruga, events associated with His birth, childhood, His bravery in war, His penance and His kundalini yoga skills. Lord Muruga was created from the Third eye of Lord Shiva in the form of 6 fiery flames that later became six baby boys. These six babies were taken to their foster mothers or Karthigai Pengal- Celestial maidens by Lord Agni and Lord Vayu. They nurtured and cared for the six babies until their boyhood. Once they attained boyhood, Goddess Parvati, amalgamated all six boys into a single boy with six heads and named him Shanmuga- A lord with six faces. He went onto win huge battles with demons and guard Pleiadeans, unveil Kundalini techniques to the mankind.

His battle with demon Surapadma lasted for six days and Lord Muruga defeated the demon on 6th day, Shasti tithi. So, Shasti tithi that appears every month is observed as the triumph of good over evil. Shasti tithi during the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight of moon) in the month of ‘Margashira’ that falls in the months of November-December is celebrated as the huge festival called Skanda Shasti.

Shasti Viratham

This day is observed with sincere devotion in South India, Muruga devotees fast all day or have one meal for the whole day, perform pooja and Dhaan. All the shasti tithis of the year are observed by sincere devotees. Wake up early morning, physical purification followed by mental purification through chanting mantras prepares us for a day long fast on Shasti. Clean worship altar of your house for pooja and prayer rituals. We can chant Muruga Mantras- learn Lord Muruga mantras here. Perform hydration ceremony- abhishekam for Muruga idol at home, offer flowers and offer a sattvic dessert as an offering. Visit Lord Muruga temple in the evening. Shasti tithi on Tuesdays are considered highly auspicious due to the vara’s overlord- Mars.


  • People with Naga doshas or Rahu -ketu afflictions can observe this shasti vrat to mitigate the dosha implications. 
  • People with poor placement of Planet Mars can also observe Shasti viratham for strengthening Mars. 
  • People with challenges in progeny can follow shasti vratham for good progeny. This vratham blesses prosperity and good health for children. 
  • It is stated in many Vedic texts that Lord Muruga has “The Kindest Heart” and cannot stand sufferings of his devotees. There are many incidents in Sages’ lives where they encountered Lord Muruga’s presence simply by calling upon Him. 
  • It suggested to make a donation of our choice. We can donate food, clothes or other essentials to the poor and needy. 
  • This vratam pumps us with courage, fearlessness, and strength to face any challenge in life. 

All Shasti dates in 2023 and Shashthi Tithi Timing


 Tithi Timing 

January 26th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Jan 26, 10:28 AM - Jan 27, 9:10 AM

February 25th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Feb 25, 12:31 AM - Feb 26, 12:20 AM

March 27th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Mar 26, 4:33 PM - Mar 27, 5:28 PM

April 26th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Apr 25, 9:40 AM - Apr 26, 11:28 AM

May 25th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : May 25, 3:01 AM - May 26, 5:20 AM

June 24th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Jun 23, 7:54 PM - Jun 24, 10:17 PM

July 24th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Jul 23, 11:45 AM - Jul 24, 1:43 PM

August 22nd

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Aug 22, 2:00 AM - Aug 23, 3:06 AM

September 21st

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Sep 20, 2:16 PM - Sep 21, 2:15 PM

October 20th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Oct 20, 12:32 AM - Oct 20, 11:25 PM

November 18th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Nov 18, 9:18 AM - Nov 19, 7:23 AM

December 18th

Shashthi Tithi Timing : Dec 17, 5:33 PM - Dec 18, 3:14 PM

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