Sri Ramanuja Jayanti

Ramanujacharya Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Ramanuja or Ramanuja Acharya, a most revered saint in spreading Vaishnavism. As per the Tamil Panchangam or Solar calendar, Shri Ramanuja Jayanthi is celebrated in the month of Chithirai on Thiruvathira (Ardra) Nakshatra. In the Gregorian calendar, this celebration falls in the month of April or May. In several Vaishnava Mutts, celebrations of Ramanuja Jayanti are carried out with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Sri Ramanuja Jayanti 2023

Tue , 25th Apr 2023


Thiruvathirai (Ardra) Nakshatra of Chaitra month is the Janma Nakshatra of Sri Ramanujacharya. This day marks the birthday of the famous Acharya of Vaishnavism. South India celebrates this day with great fervour. Many Vaishnava Sampradhayas in the South were designed by Shri Ramanuja. Lord Ramanuja (1017-1137 -11th century) was a great saint, philosopher, social reformer, and an exponent of Vaishnavism. He revealed many divine Vishnu secrets and quintessential wisdom from the Vedas to the mankind. He was very pivotal in spreading Vaishnavism. He had initiated many common people to the true essence of the Vedas. He has composed many slokas and hymns on Lord Vishnu. His visits to famous temples like Shri Rangam and Tirumala Tirupathi are great importance in Vaishnavism. His life was full of hard and difficult journeys to various temples and spread Vedic way of life among people.

Ramanuja preached and plays an influential role in spreading Vaishnavism. He made devoted and sincere efforts in creating awareness of the Vaishnavism principles and messages. He renounced his married life and went on a spiritual travel to offer numerous teachings of the Vishishtadvaita Vedanta’s principles to everyone creating a great Bhakthi movement.


Since the principles and devotional path created by Saint Ramanuja hold utmost significance even in this modern era, the birth anniversary of this great Saint Ramanuja is celebrated across the southern states of India.

Vishnu devotees wake up early, after physical and mental purification, sanctify their puja altar. Set the idol of Shri Ramanuja Acharya for the Abhishekam. Vedarthasangraha is read during the puja and Sriranga Gadyam is also recited. A simple neivedhyam is offered to the idol of Utsava Murthy - Ramanuja Acharya. Special pujas and arrangements are organised in Lord Vishnu temples to celebrate this occasion. Many devotional events are organized, and great teachings & philosophies of Shri Ramanuja will be discussed to deepen Vishnu Devotion- Bhakthi Marga.

Sri Ramanuja Jayanti festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Tuesday, 28th of April


Sunday, 18th of April


Friday, 6th of May


Tuesday, 25th of April


Sunday, 14th of April


Friday, 2nd of May


Wednesday, 22nd of April


Monday, 10th of May


Sunday, 30th of April 


Friday, 20th of April


Tuesday, 7th of May

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