Subramania Bharati Samadhi

Mahakavi Bharathiyar was great Tamizh poet, Freedom fighter and social reformer. He was born in Ettayapuram on 11 December 1882, educated in Varanasi and has contributed in so many ways to Freedom fights. His influence on Tamizh literature and spirituality in Tamizh Nadu is phenomenal.

Subramania Bharati Samadhi 2023

Mon , 11th Sep 2023

Due to many imprisonments by the British, his health weakened and due to his massive work towards Freedom fights his condition worsened. Around July 1921, Bharathiyar was pushed by an elephant at the Parthasarathy temple, Triplicane, Madras. He fell off and sustained injuries. Since that incident, his already poor health never really recovered, and he was highly prone to bouts of fever and flu. By September the same year his condition became worse and Mahakavi Bharati breathed his last breath by the wee hours on 11 September 1921. He died in the early morning. He was only 39 years of age; a promising life and a major literary influence came to an in its prime state of life.

Though Mahakavi Bharathi was a people's poet, a great nationalist, and an outstanding freedom fighter, it was recorded that the social visionary’s funeral was attended by only 14 people. Today He is a celebrated Tamizh poet and known for his intensity in life. Coincidentally, his last speech at Karungalpalayam Library in Erode was on the ‘Man is Immortal’. His life is celebrated through his powerful poems and spiritual hymns. He spent his last years of life in a house in Triplicane, Chennai, this house was procured and renovated by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1993 and to honour the social reformer, Bharathi. This house is named Bharathi Illam, translates to ‘Home of Bharathi’.

On this Samadhi day, Tamizh poets and various leaders in Tamizh Nadu celebrate Mahakavi Bharati by commemorating His poems and his great work towards freedom struggle. Various educational organisations conduct competitions, seminars and programs on this day.

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