Teachers Day In China

There’s an old saying that goes: “Three to respect: the emperor, father, and teacher.” In this order, September 10 is observed as Teacher’s Day in the People's Republic of China. Deng Xiaoping government announced the celebration of Teacher’s Day on 10 September 1985. The date of September 10 was believed to be an arbitrary choice, some also say the choice of the date was due to the similar pronunciation between the Chinese words for "teacher" (教师 jiao shi) and the two numerals 9 (九jiu), 10 (十shi) in the date.

Teachers Day In China 2023

Sun , 10th Sep 2023

In the ancient China, people celebrated a similar day on the birthday of Confucius or孔子 (Kǒng Zǐ), one of the greatest thinkers and teachers of Chinese History. During the Eastern Zhou Period, Teachings of Confucius was held in high intellectual esteem, and He was treated as a saint and a holy sage. In Modern China, with great cultural shift in educational grounds, September 10 is revered as Teacher’s day.

On this day, pupils perform many activities to show their appreciation and express gratitude to their teachers, by presenting gifts, sending cards and flowers. Many former students take time out to go back to their old schools and educational institutions to give presents to their teachers. This day Government of China holds meetings and ceremonial events like Awards ceremonies for teachers and intellectual workers. Teachers Day in China is a national Holiday.

The day was announced as a Holiday with the main purpose of increasing the prestige of this profession in the Chinese Communities. Many festive events in honor of the specialists of educational arena are held on this every year. Schools felicitate their best teachers with gift certificates and flowers for their dedication and hard work, and higher -level authorities recognise teachers with exceptional work with the Annual Excellent Teacher award. 

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Thursday, 10th of September


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Sunday, 10th of September


Tuesday, 10th of September


Wednesday, 10th of September


Thursday, 10th of September


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