The End Of Heat

Traditional Chinese calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms based on the position of the Sun in the sky. End of Heat or Chushu, (Chinese: 处暑) is the 14th solar term of the Chinese year. It usually begins around August 23-24 and ends on September 6. End of Heat period implies the period where most of the regions in China are actually getting rid of the heat retained from hot summer though Autumn has kicked in. But in some areas, particularly in South China, autumn begins late, and people of these regions still experience hot weather. End of Heat also implies busy harvest season for Chinese farmers and for fishermen.

The End Of Heat 2023

Wed , 23rd Aug 2023

The End of Heat also hosts many Fishing Season Festivals along the coastline of the East China Sea. Traditionally, people eat duck during the End of Heat, various delicacies based on Duck meat is cooked in this time. Another ancient tradition is to light lotus-shaped lanterns that are set afloat down the river. It is believed to guide the ghosts of people who have died at sea to paradise of heaven.

The End Of Heat festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Saturday, 22nd of August


Monday, 23rd of August


Tuesday, 23rd of August


Wednesday, 23rd of August


Thursday, 22nd of August


Saturday, 23rd of August


Sunday, 23rd of August


Monday, 23rd of August


Tuesday, 22nd of August


Thursday, 23rd of August


Friday, 23rd of August

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