Tirumala Srivari Pavitrotsavam

Tirumala Srivari Pavitrotsava is an annual ritual organised as a festival celebrated during Shravana masa on dashami, ekadashi and dwadashi tithis. This ritual is also known as Dosha Nivaarana-error correction, Sarva Yajna Phalapradha -a ritual that equals the holiness of rites for one full year, Sarva Doshopasamana- eliminating all errors, Sarva Tushtikara, Sarvakaamapradha, Sarvalokasantida. 

Tirumala Srivari Pavitrotsavam 2023

Sat , 26th Aug 2023

Jayakhya Samhita explains that pavitra rituals protect from evil influences and dark forces . The puranas prescribe Pavitra Aaropana adorning the deity with Pavithra- sanctified garlands of thread as a core part of the worship rituals for Lord Vishnu. The origin of Pavitrotsavam in Tirumala Tirupathi dates back to 14th century A.D. There is an evidence in form of stone inscription on the northern wall of the Vagapadi verandah in the first Prakaara of the Tirumala temple. The inscription carries every intricate detail of Pavitrotsavam ritual. This ritual went on until 15thcentury, there are no records after that period, denoting that it might have been discontinued. The administration of Tirupathi, TTD decided to revive the ritual and since 1962 Pavitrotsavam has been a regular annual festival in Tirupathi.

Pavithrothsavam is performed in the Kalyana Mantapa every year during Shravana masa -shuddha dashami, ekadashi and dwadashi tithis. As per the Agama Vidhis and Vedas, the idol in the temple’s inner sanctum can be polluted due to impurities that the Lord absolves from the devotees and their bad karma. This is routinely cleansed everyday through a process called punyahavachanam where mantras are used to cleanse the inner sanctum. Similarly, Pavitrotsavam is a powerful purification ceremony that takes place in order to dispel the evil and energy impurities of the temple.

First Day of Pavithrothsavam

Pavithrothsavam begins on Shuddha dasami tithi. On the first day of the ritual, Yagna /Homam is performed followed by Snapana Tirumanjanam (celestial bath) to the Urchava Moorthy- processional deities with sacred materials like sandal, turmeric, milk, curd and honey. After the pooja and Aarti, around evening the Urchava moorthy - Lord Malayappa Swamy is taken on a holy procession around the four mada streets where He blesses the pilgrims who have gathered to witness the grandeur of Lord Malayappa Swamy, draped in silk, shimmering in Gold and Diamond ornaments.

Second Day of Pavithrothsavam

On the second day- Ekadashi, Snapana Tirumanjanam (the celestial bath) is performed first. Then a special pooja is performed to the sacred silk woven threads called 'Pavithram’ to sanctify the threads. This Pavithram is made of five colored threads. black, blue, red, yellow and green. After the pooja, Pavithrams' are tied around the forehead, neck, waist of the Lord Malayappa swamy. The sanctified Pavithram are also tied to various other deities present inside the temple and also in the prakaram including Ananda Nilaya Vimana Venkateswara Swamy, Yoga Narasimha Swamy. This concludes the second day of Pavithrothsavam.

Third Day of Pavithrothsavam

On the day of Dwadashi tithi, third and final part of Pavithrothsavam commences. This day sacred garlands are removed , Yagna/Homam is performed followed by Snapana Tirumanjanam. Then a special ritual called Visesha Samarpana is performed followed by procession along four mada streets where pilgrims wait to take a look at the holiness of Lord Malayappa swamy. This day concludes with Purnahuthi -a final sacrificial fire offering to the Homakund made of coconut, nine kinds of grains, five precious metals, thamboolam and sandalwood, bundled in a silk cloth while chanting specified mahamantras. This homa takes place inside the main temple. After this, the Pavithrothsavam rituals are complete.


  • Devotees participating in the Pavitrotsavam are blessed with Peace and prosperity in their lives. 
  • It is also believed that witnessing will Pavitrotsavam purge all the sins, curses and offences committed against Gods knowingly or unknowingly by any of their progeny or in their lineage. 

Tirumala Srivari Pavitrotsavam festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Wednesday, 29th of July


Tuesday, 17th of August


Sunday, 7th of August


Saturday, 26th of August


Wednesday, 14th of August


Sunday, 3rd of August 


Saturday, 22nd of August


Wednesday, 11th of August


Sunday, 30th of July 


Saturday, 18th of August


Thursday, 8th of August

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