Vamana Jayanti

Shukla Paksha Dwadashi tithi of Bhadrapada month marks the birthday of Lord Vamana, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. This festival is also called 'Vamana Dwadashi'. It is believed that the Lord incarnated as Vamana Dev on this Dwadashi. Lord Vamana Dev is the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, also the first incarnation of Treta Yuga.

Vamana Jayanti 2023

Tue , 26th Sep 2023


Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana to reinstate the reign of Lord Indra in Swarga Loka. This is the first incarnation in the human form in the Dasavatar order. The four avatars prior to Vamana avatar are in animas forms, Matsya avatar, Kurma avatar, Varaha avatar and Narasimha avatar.

According to Hindu Mythology, King Mahabali was the grandson of Bhaktha Prahlada, Son of demon King Hiranyakashipu. Mahabali won a battle with Lord Indra and began ruling all the realms. Though he was a demon king filled with ego and pride to the brim, he was very generous. When Mahabali was performing a yagna, He announced that he would grant anyone any request appeared in the form of a diminutive Brahman in one of the yagnas of Mahabali and asked for three paces of land as Biksha. When Mahabali agreed, Lord grew into a size of a giant and measured Heaven and earth plane in two strides, when Mahabali realised that the dwarf was Lord Vishnu, he offered his head as the third place to occupy. This subdued the ego, arrogance, and pride of King Mahabali.

According to another famous legend, it is believed that Lord Vamana bestowed immortality to Mahabali by placing his glorious foot on his head. Lord Vishnu allowed Mahabali to visit the spiritual sky where he met his virtuous grandfather Prahalada and other celestial beings.


Devotees wake up early on this day, preferably before Sunrise. Take a holy bath and meditate on Vishnu mantra. Then, clean and sanctify the pooja altar. Set Lord Vamana idol in the pooja altar, perform Panchopachara pooja to the idol of Vamana. Followed by offering flowers, incense apply sandalwood paste and lighting Ghee lamps. Neivedhyam is offered and Aarthi is performed. Some Vishnu devotees observe fast on Vamana Jayanti. After the pooja in the evening, whole family gathers and Vamana Jayanti Vrat Katha is narrated. After this group prayers, the fast is broken with neivedhyam or prasad. On this day, people donate Food, curd and mishri. It is considered more auspicious if the Dwadashi tithi coincides with the Shravana Nakshatra.


Dereshvaraya Devashya, Dev Sanbhuti Karine |
Prabhave sar devanam vamnaya namo namah ||


  • Worshipping Lord Vamana on this day rectifies doshas and past life curses, and sins. 
  • Lord Vamana supports spiritual progress.
  • Observing vrat on this day blesses us with success in academics, career, business, and all endeavours 
  • This pooja promotes peace, harmony, and happiness in the family 
  • This celebration strengthens financial status and attracts wealth accumulation, prosperity, and abundance 

Vamana Jayanti festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Saturday, 29th of August


Friday, 17th of September


Wednesday, 7th of September


Tuesday, 26th of September


Saturday, 14th of September


Thursday, 4th of September


Tuesday, 22nd of September


Saturday, 11th of September


Wednesday, 30th of August


Tuesday, 18th of September


Sunday, 8th of September

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