Varsha Ritu

First day of Varsha Ritu marks the onset of Monsoon season. Varsha means Rain and Ritu means season; Varsha Ritu denotes that the rains are upon us, Varsh/varsha or Praavrish season marks the first season of Dakshinayana kala, followed by sharad and hemant ritus. Varsha Ritu is the time dominated by Moon, mild and calming in nature. The outer world and our inner world’s perception changes with the advent of the monsoon rains, celebrations fill the air, specific festivals and festivities like attire, food makes this season joyful time of the year.

Varsha Ritu 2023

Tue , 18th Jul 2023

Varsha Ritu brings freshness in the air, the cool winds, the damp smell of the earth, however it can also trigger health challenges and infections. Varsha Ritu begins in the Visarga Kaal – Dakshinayana, in the month of Shravan and Bhadrapada (Gregorian:mid-July to mid-September). Heat from the summer which was accumulated in the Earth gets surfaced when the Sun goes down south, this results in imbalance in the physical system. Given the visceral relation of nature and the psyche, our Vedic seers have designed various vrats in this season like Ashunya Shayana vrat, Somavar vrat. The vrats followed in this period call for fasting and minimal eating. This is also a season for purification practices both spiritual and physical.

Common Diet to follow during Varsha Ritu:

  • Consume food that is light and freshly cooked. Drinking warm water with a dash of honey or sipping on hot and herbal tea is ideal for this season. 
  • Avoid all kapha increasing food like curd or ice cream, watery vegetables. 
  • Avoid consuming salty, spicy and precooked foods. 
  • Since this period is ruled by the Moon, lethargy and general laziness are observed in the physical system. 
  • Regular warm Oil bath is recommended. 
  • Practicing asanas, breathing exercises are also proven to establish great balance in physical and energy systems during this Varsha Ritu period. 

Varsha Ritu festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Tuesday, 21st of July


Monday, 9th of August


Friday, 29th of July


Tuesday, 18th of July


Monday, 5th of August


Friday, 25th of July


Thursday, 13th of August


Tuesday, 3rd of August


Sunday, 23rd of July


Saturday, 11th of August


Wednesday, 31st of July

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