Vishweshwara Vrat

Vishweshwara Vrat falls on the Pradosha vrat of Karthik masa, third day of Bhishma Panchak. This vrat is performed on Shukla paksha Chaturdashi tithi to please Lord Vishweshwara and seek His blessings. Lord Vishweshwara is a powerful form of Lord Shiva. This Vishweshwara Pradosh vrat is a popular festival in Lord Vishweshwara Temple in Yelluru, Karnataka and Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Vishweshwara Vrat 2023

Sat , 25th Nov 2023

Vishweshwar Vrat Katha

Vishweshwara Vrat, which falls on the day of Pradosh Vrat in Karthika masa is one of the ancient pradosha vrats in practice. According to the legend, Samanta Raja of Kuthyar dynasty invited Bhargava Muni to visit and bless his kingdom. The sage refused the invite quoting that the kingdom lacks the presence of Shiva temples and holy rivers. The King was sad on knowing this. Disappointed Samanta Raja left the kingdom to perform a grand yagna on the banks of river Ganges to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was moved to see Kunda king's devotion and appeared in front of the King. The King requested that the Lord should come with him and stay in his kingdom. Lord agreed to his wish and said that He will invite himself to the kingdom when the time is right.

The linga of the Lord Shiva emerged and was first understood to have been found by Koraga tribe community mother while she was collecting firewood in the forest. She was looking for some firewood near a place where her young son "Yellu" was buried after his untimely death. She cut the bush that was running across, and it is said that the earth started to bleed. Shocked by the flow of blood, she screamed "Oh, Maga Yellu, yei Moolu Ullana?" (meaning 'Oh, my son Yellu, are you here?') in Tulu language. It is said that the Linga was unearthed from this bleeding spot.

The bleeding did not stop, meanwhile the King arrived to this place to find Lord Shiva miraculously finding a way to his kingdom. The tribal woman performed coconut water Abhishekam to the linga, then the blood spurt stopped. The King built a temple at this place and named Yellur Vishweshwara Temple. This village is initially known as Yelluna Ooru then gradually became Yellur.

This vrat day is highly significant in this temple. The scar from the cut is still seen on the linga and coconut water hydration ceremony is an important ritual in this temple, till date. Offering coconut water or coconut oil to Lord Shiva is an important ritual of this day. The oil offered to the deity is used to light the lamps at the temple.


Devotees wake up early. Take a ritualistic holy bath. Devotees observe nirjala fast on this day to seek highest blessings from Lord Shiva. Set an image of Lord Shiva or Shivalinga in the puja altar. Offer Holy ash, coconut water, fruits, milk, and sweets to Shivaling. Then, chat Om Namashivaya Mantra and Rudram & Chamakam. Visiting Yellur Vishweshwara Temple on this day is considered highly auspicious. Devotees break their fast on the next day after sunrise by eating fresh food.


  • Devotees who perform Vishweshwara puja on this day will be blessed with a long and healthy life. 
  • Lord Vishweshwara blesses devotee’s family with peace and happiness, especially protects children. 
  • Women who observe this Vishweshwara Vrat will be blessed with healthy and lucky progeny. 
  • Lord Shiva relieves us from all our past karma and sins. 

Vishweshwara Vrat festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Saturday, 28th of November


Wednesday, 17th of November


Sunday, 6th of November


Saturday, 25th of November


Thursday, 14th of November


Monday, 3rd of November


Sunday, 22nd of November


Friday, 12th of November


Tuesday, 31st of October


Sunday, 18th of November


Thursday, 7th of November

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