White Dew

White dew is the 15th solar term of the 24 terms of the Chinese Solar calendar. White Dew is called Bai Lu- Chinese- Chinese Kanji: 白露, which usually begins on September 8 and ends on September 23. White Dew denotes the real onset of cool autumn season. The hot temperature from summer gradually declines and the water vapors in the air condenses into white dew on the grass and trees at night. This is the reason why this season is named white dew to distinguish the various phases of Autumn.

White Dew 2023

Fri , 8th Sep 2023

From the first day of the White Dew period, though sunshine remains mildly hot during the day, the temperature drops drastically after sunset. At night cold temperature of the air leaves white dew the following day.

People drink white dew tea, a specialty of this solar phase. White Dew Tea is different from spring tea and summer tea- this tea tastes sweet with a sweet fragrance. White dew wine is also a specialty, this wine is made of cereals, like glutinous rice and kaoliang (a type of sorghum) and tastes mildly sweet.

Chinese People of Wenzhou region of East China's Zhejiang, follow a tradition of collecting 10 herbal materials which are of medicinal properties on the first day of White Dew.

White Dew is also an ideal time for people who live in the region of Taihu Lake of East China to offer sacrifices to ‘Lord Da Yu’, a folklore hero who conquered floods by regulating rivers and course of waterbodies. People also perform sacrificial rites for Lord Da Yu on the first day of White Dew.

White Dew festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Monday, 7th of September


Tuesday, 7th of September


Wednesday, 7th of September


Friday, 8th of September


Saturday, 7th of September


Sunday, 7th of September


Monday, 7th of September


Wednesday, 8th of September


Thursday, 7th of September


Friday, 7th of September


Saturday, 7th of September

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