World Music Day

World Music Day or International Music Day is celebrated on June 21st June every year. For avid music lovers or melophiles, the World Music Day is no less than a festival. The idea of celebrating 'Music Day' originated in France. It is called 'Fete de la Musique' in French meaning 'Music Festival'. This day is celebrated to encourage musicians and music enthusiasts or melophiles, worldwide. World Music Day remains to be an opportunity for all music professionals and non-professional musicians to showcase their innate talents.

World Music Day 2023

Wed , 21st Jun 2023

Music has existed as long as mankind has discovered their inherent ability to use their vocal cords to generate sound. It is quite possible even before figuring this ability, every culture had its very own sound form of music, unique to its geographical area. Music is a powerful creative outlet, along with many health benefits. Listening to a particular music or musical instrument creates and brings back memories. It can even make us feel energized and enthusiastic. Modern science provides various evidence proving that listening to music will have a many positive effects on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing.

History of World Music Day

First World Music Day was celebrated on the day of Summer Solstice in France in the year 1982. When the former French minister of art and culture, Jack Lange along with Maurice Fleuret set the stage for Fête de la Musique in the city of Paris. Maurice Fleuret on June 21, 1982, organised various events for music and melophiles. She was a French composer, music critic, music journalist, and a radio producer. Since then, World Music Day or Fête de la Musique is celebrated every year on the day of summer solstice. 

How is World Music Day celebrated across the world?

Soon after the first ever celebration in the year 1982, Music Day grabbed global attention and became a world event. Several countries including India, China, Malaysia, Italy, Greece, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, the UK, and Japan followed this suit of following Music Day. Over 120 countries commemorate this special day by organising free music concerts in public parks, music stadiums for music lovers and learners. Music veterans and budding learners take stage to showcase their talent and compose music. Free concerts of different genres are held across the countries in a sincere effort to make good, cultural music accessible to everyone. Of late, this day is also referred as Make Music Day.

World Music Day festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Sunday, 21st of June


Monday, 21st of June


Tuesday, 21st of June


Wednesday, 21st of June


Friday, 21st of June


Saturday, 21st of June


Sunday, 21st of June


Monday, 21st of June


Wednesday, 21st of June


Thursday, 21st of June


Friday, 21st of June

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