World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day is a day dedicated to celebrate the world’s waterways. It is annually celebrated on the fourth Sunday of every September. This day highlights the values of our rivers, to create public awareness, and to encourage the improved stewardship of all rivers on the globe. Rivers in every country face an array of challenges through climate change and rapid urbanization also contributing towards weather changes. It is only through our active involvement we can ensure the river’s health in the coming years. Millions of people from more than 100 countries actively participate in World Rivers Day every year on the 4th Sunday of September month.

World Rivers Day 2023

Sun , 24th Sep 2023

A brief history

In 2005, the United Nations launched the ‘Water for Life Decade’ focusing on creating greater awareness of the need to care for our water resources. Based on the launch of this program, idea of establishing World Rivers Day was proposal by internationally renowned river advocate, Mark Angelo from British Columbia, Canada.

Before proposing this idea of World Rivers Day, Mark Angelo had already founded and led BC Rivers Day successfully renewing rivers in western Canada since 1980. World River Day event was a good fit for the Water for Life Decade and the proposal was approved by UN, this was also well received by River enthusiasts all over the world. Since then, the event has continued to draw attention and popularity.

Why is Rivers Day important?

In the past decade, there has been a lot of human activity contributing to water & air pollution and causing damage to numerous world’s important rivers. This not only disrupts the waterwyas also is dangerous for the people who use the rivers as a direct source of water and transport in addition to harming the ecosystems of the river. So, observing Rivers day aims at ensuring that everyone is aware of the importance of river stewardship and we can try and limit the threats that could potentially endanger our rivers and ecosystem.

One of the best ways to celebrate River Day is by planning an event on the local river to utilize the local resources and expertise that can help in addressing the local issues or learning the customs, and interest. Some of the important local events are cleanup activities, beach litter pick to keep the river clean and helping the local wildlife enjoy healthy habitats. Other activities like sailing, kayaking, or canoeing can be organized as well.

World Rivers Day festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Sunday, 27th of September


Sunday, 26th of September


Sunday, 25th of September


Sunday, 24th of September


Sunday, 29th of September


Sunday, 28th of September


Sunday, 27th of September


Sunday, 26th of September


Sunday, 24th of September


Sunday, 23rd of September


Sunday, 29th of September

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